Polish Business Gala 2024. Prestigious Wprost awards

Polish Business Gala 2024. Prestigious Wprost awards

During the gala, statuettes were awarded to the winners of the Polish Two Hundred rankings, i.e. the 200 largest Polish companies, Cheetahs and Ambassadors of Polish business.

On Wednesday, June 12, the Wprost Polish Business Gala took place. During the event, statuettes were awarded to the winners of the Polish Two Hundred rankings, i.e. the 200 largest Polish companies, Cheetahs and Ambassadors of Polish business.

– Today's gala is about the strongest companies that, despite changes in governments, pandemics, wars and disasters, survived and rose to the top. This year we also have a record. To get on the list, you have to exceed the billion zlotys in revenues. It is large companies that drive the economy, so it is in all of our interests to have as many of them as possible – said Szymon Krawiec, managing editor of Wprost, author of the Polska 200 ranking.

Poland 200 Ranking Leader Category

The statuette for taking the leading position in the Polska 200 ranking was awarded to Orlen SA. After a series of mergers and acquisitions, it has already found itself in the orbit of global giants. It is the highest-ranked Polish company in the prestigious Fortune 500 Europe ranking, which groups half a thousand of the largest entities on the European market. For several months, under new management, it has become a predictable, reliable and transparent company. Its purpose is to set the tone in the changing economic reality. It is to become a leader driving the energy transformation not only in Poland, but on the entire continent.

– Over the next 30 years, the energy transformation will change the market, so we must accelerate the energy transformation so that the company can remain where it is today – said Mateusz Witczyński, the company's spokesman.

Cheetah Ranking Leader Category

Cheetahs is a list of the 50 most dynamically developing companies. Champions in multiplying zlotys, companies that have achieved the highest profit dynamics year on year. The leader in this ranking was Rainbow Tours. Within 12 months, she was able to increase her profits not by a few percent, but by more than eight times. Last year, 700,000 people went on holiday with this Polish company. customers. The turnover exceeded PLN 3 billion. A few months ago, the company was promoted to the mWIG40 stock exchange index, joining the business league of the largest enterprises in Poland.

– I will keep this award close to my heart, because this distinction is primarily due to our employees. This team, which I have the honor to represent today, always works 200 percent. – said Tomasz Florczak, director of the Rainbow Tours sales department.

Polish Business Ambassador category

The award in this category went to LPP SA. It is one of the few Polish global companies. Over the last 30 years, they have managed to build the largest fashion company in Central and Eastern Europe. They are already present with their products on 40 foreign markets. And like few other companies, they know how to take care of their people. They employ over 33,000. employees. The overwhelming majority do not work on junk mail or B2B contracts, but on the basis of employment contracts. They have not carried out any group layoffs, nor do they have any plans to do so.

– This is a very big honor for us. We are also happy with the promotion, last year we took 7th place, now we are at the top. We are very happy that our efforts in building a stable workplace have been noticed, said the leader of the company's HR team, Katarzyna Kucmida.

The best employer in the Human Capital Management category

T-Mobile Polska received a distinction in this category. Their mission is to be the best, provide people with what connects them and let them live the way they want. From entertainment, through communication, to business for a whole range of customers. They create a strong network of innovative technologies and services, thanks to solutions such as fiber optic infrastructure, converged services, 5G network, entertainment services, cloud solutions and cybersecurity services.

– On behalf of the entire company, I would like to thank you very much for this award and great distinction. Our employees stand behind this, this award is a reward for many people who work to ensure the well-being of our team – said Dorota Kurpianowicz-Legutko, member of the management board of T-Mobile Polska.

The best employer in the Transport industry

PKP Intercity was awarded in this category. The infrastructure investments carried out by our winner as part of the largest program in the company's history are worth PLN 27 billion. The investments will not only bring the company to a global standard of operation. They are an expression of concern for the environment and climate preservation, but also significantly influenced the comfort of customers and – what was most important for our ranking – the comfort of employees.

– This is an award that not only fills us with pride, but above all is a huge obligation for us – said Ewa Boguszewska, executive director for employee affairs and human resources management office.

The best employer in the Banking industry

The award in this category went to Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego. In addition to caring for the quality of staff and employment stability, they contributed in an extraordinary way to building the geopolitical security of all of us – employers and employees. They implemented a social campaign in the United States, the aim of which was to increase US citizens' awareness of Russian aggression against Ukraine. #UnifyUkraine content has been viewed over 750 million times. They are also a signatory of the Ukraine Business Compact 2023 declaration signed in London, which confirms their readiness to support the reconstruction of Ukraine after the end of the war.

– This award is a reason for us to be proud, we are very grateful for it. It is an appreciation of our daily efforts, said Joanna Mościska, director of the talent management department.

The Best Employer in the Finance industry

The distinction in this category was awarded to XTB. It is a Polish brokerage house with a global reach that has been operating for two decades, offering access to thousands of financial instruments such as CFDs, i.e. exchange rate differences on currencies, raw materials, stock indices and cryptocurrencies, as well as shares and ETFs listed on the most popular stock exchanges in the world.

– It is a great honor, I would like to thank the jury for appreciating our efforts. We received this distinction at a historic moment, our global employment level exceeded 1,000. Employees – said Monika Charytonik, HR Manager at XTB.

The Best Employer in the Debt Collection Industry

The award in this category was received by Kruk SA. Last year was exceptional for them due to record financial results. As they claim, the company's success is due to the commitment and determination of its employees. They plan to develop further. One of the assumptions of the strategy is digital transformation, which is to provide employees with opportunities for further development in the field of new competences of the future. Monitoring the level of remuneration and pro-employee reactions to results are a permanent element of their remuneration policy.

– Apart from managing receivables, Kruk also educates. Today's award is an important moment for us, because it shows that the direction we have taken in personnel policy is the right one – said Jolanta Dąbrowska, HR director at Kruk SA

The Best Employer in the Franchise category

The award in this category went to the Musketeers Group. Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, he has been involved in helping our eastern neighbors. And even though last year's aid initiatives were not as spectacular as in 2022, the owners of Intermarché and Bricomarché stores continued to organize and engage in actions at the local level.

– I am very pleased to receive this award, it is a great distinction for our employees who every day try to provide the best possible service in our stores – said Adriana Kiwak, HR director at Grupa Muszkieterów.

Special Awards

A special award for the implementation of ESG procedures was given to the Smithfield Polska Group, which, as a responsible producer of meat and meat products, has been undertaking a number of activities in the field of sustainable development for years and is a leader in changes in this area. It consistently pursues its ESG policy based on three pillars – Business, Environment and People, while engaging in the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The group implements an innovative solution at every stage of the supply chain “from farm to fork”.

– First of all, a huge thank you to the competition jury and the editorial staff of the weekly Wprost. Implementing ESG standards in the agri-food sector is extremely important, said Łukasz Dominiak, Director of Public and Government Relations at Smithfield Polska.

Another special award, in recognition of merits in investing in renewable energy sources, was received by ONDE SA. The winner is a leading general contractor of renewable energy investments in Poland with a 30 percent share in the wind farm market and a 10 percent share in the photovoltaic farm market. The company has completed over 400 renewable energy investments throughout Poland with a total capacity exceeding 4.3 GW. From 2021, the Company is present on the main floor of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. In the same year, it also started building its own portfolio of renewable energy installations. It is the first company in the renewable energy industry in Poland to obtain the EMAS certificate – the highest EU distinction in the field of ecology and the most credible environmental management standards in the European Union.

– It is a great honor to receive this prestigious award. From here I would like to thank our employees, because it is thanks to you and the daily implementation of your passions that we can be a leader in the industry – said Paweł Średniawa, president of the management board of ONDE SA

A special award for the leader in the agricultural industry was received by Agro Głos Sp. z o. o. The company is an operating and dynamically developing company on the Polish market since 1995. The company's management focuses on building a strong, stable company with a clear, well-known brand that ensures customer satisfaction and employee development. The company serves agricultural farms on many levels, in a comprehensive manner – it provides professional service by providing new technologies, service, consulting, purchase of agricultural produce, and sale of agricultural production resources.

– They say that the measure of success is not its size, but the scale of adversities one has to face. You know how difficult it has been for the agricultural industry in recent years. We have succeeded, we are worthy of success and every employee works for this success – said Krzysztof Piech, director of sales development of the company.

The last special award went to Beata Drzazga, founder of many companies in Poland and around the world. Winner of prestigious awards for managers for pro-social activities and care for employees. He believes that vision is the most important thing in running a business. It is thanks to this approach that not only BetaMed SA was established, but also Global Impact, Drzazga Clinic, Dono Da Scheggia, Betanest Electronik, BetaMed International and finally Betainvest MIAMI. Winner of the Manager Award, Cystal Lady Prize 2023.

– The most important thing is how we treat employees. 20 years ago, when there was no question of ESG, I thought that I wanted to enter a place where employees would be smiling and empathetic towards patients – she said, accepting the award.

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