Widows’ pensions are stuck in the parliamentary freezer. The MP of the Left explains why this may be so

Widows' pensions are stuck in the parliamentary freezer.  The MP of the Left explains why this may be so

so-called the widow’s pension is an outreach to people whose spouse has died and from now on they have to live on one benefit. Considering how low average pensions are, this could be real support for 1.5 million people, but the MPs have not yet considered the bill.

Over 200,000 people signed the civic bill on the widow’s pension. The collection of performances was initiated by the Left, and it also submitted a bill assuming that in the event of the death of one of the spouses, the surviving person would keep their benefit and increase it by 50 percent. survivor’s pension after a deceased spouse or collect a survivor’s pension after a deceased spouse plus 50% your benefit.

Widow’s pension. What happened to the civic project?

The draft contains an upper limit and the total benefit may not exceed three times the average old-age pension paid and announced by ZUS.

Currently, the regulations provide that a widower or a widow may receive one benefit: stay with his old age pension or receive a survivor’s pension, which is 85 percent. deceased spouse’s pension.

The widow’s pension provisions, however, are not so lucky. First, the Left put forward a proposal in the form of a parliamentary bill, but it ended up in the parliamentary freezer. Also, the civic project “lost” somewhere, reports Interia. According to an MP from the Left, Arkadiusz Iwaniek, who was interviewed by the service, the decision was based on “political calculation”.

– The project is stuck in the parliamentary committee, and the chairman of this committee, Urszula Rusecka, does not want to proceed with it and does not even want to talk about it – said Arkadiusz Iwaniek.

In an interview with Interia, the MP of the Left added that PiS increased the amount of 14 pensions because it brings political benefits – this money will go to 8 million pensioners, which may translate into their greater sympathy at the polls. Meanwhile, according to the estimates of the Left, 1.5 million widowers may benefit from the widow’s pension.

14. retirement. Who is the full benefit for?

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki signed the regulation of the Council of Ministers on the amount and date of payment of the 14th pension. The benefit will be paid in September, and its amount – according to the declaration of the deputy prime minister, PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński – will be PLN 2,200, i.e. PLN 2,650 gross.

– Executing the above statutory authorization, the Council of Ministers proposes that in 2023 the amount higher than the amount of the lowest old-age pension referred to in Art. 3 sec. 1 of the Act of 26 May 2023 on the next additional annual cash benefit for old-age and disability pensioners, used to determine the amount of the additional benefit was PLN 2,650.00 – we read in the communication of the Ministry of Family and Social Policy.

People whose regular benefit does not exceed PLN 2,900 gross will receive money in the aforementioned amount. For the rest, the “PLN for PLN” principle will be applied. Marlena Maląg, Minister of Family and Social Policy, spoke about the details of this mechanism in “Signals of the day” on the radio station Jedynka.

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