The Confederation’s candidate has real substance for voters. “I am well built”

The Confederation's candidate has real substance for voters.  "I am well built"

A short conversation with the “two” of the Confederation on the Podlasie list for the Sejm is taking social media by storm. 26-year-old Adrian Stankiewicz praised his assets in a unique way.

26-year-old Adrian Stankiewicz from Augustów is running for the Sejm in the upcoming elections from the second place on the Confederation list in Podlasie. The representative of New Hope introduces himself as an economist and “Mentzen’s man in Podlasie”. He received a place just behind one of the leaders of this environment, Krzysztof Bosak.

Confederation Candidate: What stands out to me about specifics is my appearance

Stankiewicz was asked what distinguishes him from other Confederate candidates who are fighting for seats. The 26-year-old had obvious difficulty answering the question. – First of all, I am a person who can stand out in the crowd. I’m the kind of person who pays attention. First of all, I will distinguish myself by very hard work and a very solid election campaign, said Stankiewicz.

When asked about specifics, he replied: – I will postulate various changes that I will not talk about yet, specific changes that concern Białystok and our region. And I will present it all.

– And what makes me special is my appearance: I am a well-built person – he said. The interviewer asked the candidate why this was an asset. – Well-built means he is hard-working, committed, consistent and able to strive for his successes – argued the Confederation candidate.

Mentzen needed a ‘good looking boy’

At the end of August, Stankiewicz appeared on stage in front of Mentzen and Bosak during their pre-election meeting in Białystok. – How proud I am to be a “Mentzen man” – he said then. He also asked the leader “why he chose him.”

– I needed a good-looking guy like that who would be the face of my fight to eliminate the gay tax – Mentzen replied. – LGBT people also vote for us – Stankiewicz retorted.

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