The ATM was recognized as the city’s best tourist attraction. “It’s a truly magical place”

The ATM was recognized as the city's best tourist attraction.  "It's a truly magical place"

The place, which initially served only as a landmark, became perceived as the most important monument of the small town. This is not the first such peculiar case in this country.

Ilkeston, located in Derbyshire, boasts almost 40,000 inhabitants, several interesting churches, a history museum with an art gallery and picturesque ponds. All these attractions in the Tripadvisor ranking were overtaken by… a hole in the wall next to the ATM. This is not the first such absurd situation in Great Britain. Previously, residents and tourists made the tunnel connecting the supermarket with the parking lot the top-rated attraction.

Unexpected first place

The Tripadvisor portal, which is used to review hotels, restaurants and other facilities related to broadly understood tourism, once again amazed Internet users. When you enter the city of Ilkeston in the UK into the search engine, the NatWest ATM appears at the top of the recommended attractions. It is not known whether the town’s inhabitants were so bored with the limited number of interesting places to visit in Ilkeston, or whether the wall next to the ATM called “NatWest Hole” actually plays a special role in their lives. Reports of trips to the ATM hole even appear on YouTube and TikTok.

Reviews full of praise

Comments from tourists and residents clearly indicate that we are dealing with some form of joke and coincidence, thanks to which this ATM hole has become a place for souvenir photos from our stay in Ilkeston. “We visited this iconic landmark in the early morning hours of New Year’s Day 2024. As always, it was impressive,” wrote one Tripadvisor user. “Neon lights and street lights created memorable shadows on the road, and light rain only enhanced the atmosphere. “It’s a truly magical place and you can only admire the genius of architecture,” says another review. For now, the website does not interfere with the published ratings – in the case of the famous supermarket tunnel, this possibility has been suspended many times.

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