The passenger discovered where her missing luggage was. She didn't expect such an ending

The passenger discovered where her missing luggage was.  She didn't expect such an ending

When the tourist arrived at the baggage claim line, her pink suitcase was gone. A few days later, she discovered who was behind the theft

Lost or damaged luggage is a nightmare for many airline customers. Unfortunately, suitcases do not always successfully return to their owners. Sometimes items can fall into the wrong hands, which is facilitated by chaos and crowds in the queue to collect checked baggage. A passenger of Spirit Airlines found out the hard way that thieves are among us. However, the woman managed to quickly locate the stolen item. However, she did not expect that an airport employee was behind his disappearance.

She found the suitcase using her watch

The incident occurred at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida. After landing and passing the checkpoint, the tourist went to collect her luggage. Unfortunately, she did not find her characteristic pink suitcase on the tape. Inside were her personal items, as well as a laptop that the student used at the university. The passenger immediately informed the airline about the problem, which stated that the found luggage would be sent to the address of her choice. While waiting for a call from customer service, the tourist remembered that her laptop was still connected to the Apple Watch, which she still had with her. She was surprised to discover that the locating signal was sent not from the airport, but from a private house in Fort Lauderdale.

The thief turned out to be an airport employee

The tourist did not wait any longer and went to the suspect's house on her own. As she explains, she had an important exam coming up and the laptop was an essential tool to prepare for it. Upon arrival, she saw other “lost” travelers' suitcases on the property and immediately called the emergency number. According to the police report that arrested the perpetrator, a 29-year-old employee of one of the retail stores located in the port was responsible for the thefts. The leaked surveillance footage shows a hooded man taking an item belonging to the traveler from the conveyor belt and packing it into a plastic bag. A spokesman for the American airport commented on the matter. “Under the Code of Federal Regulations, all airport employees must pass a criminal background check. We take any allegations of this nature seriously and are investigating,” the statement said.

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