Facebook’s new headquarters. The building is impressive

Facebook's new headquarters.  The building is impressive

As Facebook grows, so does its headquarters in Menlo Park, California. The newly completed MPK21 building combines modern architecture with nature.

The MPK21 building was designed by Frank Gehry and was built 18 months after the start of construction. It is a headquarters focused on self-sufficiency. The building’s roof covers almost 14.5 thousand square meters. sq m of gardens in which over 200 trees were planted. The central point of the new campus is “The Town Square”, which is covered with over twelve-meter redwoods.

The office part was designed in the open space concept. As we read in Facebook’s announcement, this is to contribute to increasing cooperation between individual teams working in the new headquarters. The main corridor runs along the entire complex, along which there are work spaces, five different types of restaurants, fifteen artistic installations and a conference room for over 2,000 people. people.

The building was designed to minimize its negative impact on the environment and improve the well-being of employees. The interiors encourage active work and involvement in cooperation between employees. Water and energy consumption and waste production were also minimized.

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