Sylwester Wardęga disappears from YouTube. “I don't remember when I felt happy”

Sylwester Wardęga disappears from YouTube.  "I don't remember when I felt happy"

Sylwester Wardęga announced that he was ending his career and explained the reasons for his decision. Has an era of the Polish Internet ended?

Sylwester Wardęga is a leading Polish influencer and founder of the YouTube channel “Wataha Krulestwo”. He gained fame and recognition after publishing his spider dog joke, which was viewed over 184 million times. It gained popularity even outside the country.

More than half a year ago, he revealed the famous “Pandora Gate” case online, in which he accused some Polish YouTubers of establishing contacts with underage fans. After the case was publicized, the creator, Stuart B., is being prosecuted by the prosecutor's office and is still waiting for the decision of the British court regarding extradition to Poland.

It is worth adding that Wardęga has been involved in many different projects over the years. He became famous for his freak fights, i.e. celebrity boxing fights, and the “Goats” project, in which invited participants compete with each other.

Sylwester Wardęga disappears from the Internet

On Monday evening, April 8, Sylwester Wardęga announced a surprising decision for many on his YouTube channel. — This is not a decision taken lightly. I've been thinking about her for several months – he explained and added that he no longer feels happy because of what he does. He said he wanted to go into the shadows and pursue his life away from the cameras and the spotlight.

— It's time to stop tormenting yourself and go into the shadows. I have one life and I guess it's about feeling satisfied with what we do, feeling happiness, peace and harmony. I don't remember the last time I felt happy – said Wardęga.

The creator revealed that he wants to focus on his family and find happiness, and he will be traveling in the near future. However, he gave his fans a glimmer of hope that he was not ending his online career forever. — It's time to focus on yourself and make your dreams come true. A house in the middle of the forest, travel, family and children. I believe I will find peace and happiness. Am I leaving forever? I don't know, he said.

Fans comment: “Wardęga retired”

There were many comments under the published material in which Sylwester Wardęga's fans lamented the creator's decision. At the same time – although they claim that “it won't be the same without him” – they understand his decision, keep their fingers crossed for him and wish him good luck. They write: “Something ends and something begins in Sylwek's successful life. Thanks for these years!”, “The most important thing is to be yourself and feel satisfied with your own life”, “A certain chapter on the Polish Internet is coming to an end”, “When I started fighting depression, your likes were something I was always waiting for”.

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