iPhone 15 for free? Scammers use famous influencers

iPhone 15 for free?  Scammers use famous influencers

Deepfake scams are flooding the internet. One of the most famous YouTubers – MrBeast – is interested in the latest one.

Functioning on the Internet is becoming more and more difficult. Fraudsters are using more and more reliable methods of fraud, which even conscious Internet users can fall for.

MrBeast is not offering iPhone 15s for free

One of the most popular YouTubers in the world – MrBeast, warns his fans about the latest scam that has appeared on the Internet. As he wrote on his profile on the X website, many people send him a recording in which he talks about an alleged lottery in which the latest Apple smartphones can be won.

“If you are watching this video, you are one of 10,000 people who will win an iPhone 15 Pro for $2. My name is MrBeast and I am organizing the world’s largest iPhone 15 raffle. Click the link below to win yours. – we hear in a short, fifteen-second recording originally posted on TikTok.

The problem is so big that the YouTuber is known for his actions, which involved giving away huge sums of money, making huge purchases for those in need, or giving away his cars. So the case doesn’t sound very unbelievable. To his fans, this type of lottery may seem like something that could actually happen.

Beware of scammers

The video is published on an account that appears to be verified, and the deepfake created using artificial intelligence is almost perfect. You may have doubts only at the end of the recording. The difficulty in verification may be even greater due to the fact that almost all users view TikTok on phone screens, where the mismatch between the sound and the image may be difficult to see.

Of course, we warn against clicking on this one, but also on all other links sent in messages from an unknown source. This is the easiest way for hackers to take over user data. The information obtained in this way may be used, among others, for: to take over access to social media accounts and even to clear a bank account of the funds accumulated there.

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