Sutryk showed his diploma from Collegium Humanum. More questions arose

Sutryk showed his diploma from Collegium Humanum.  More questions arose

Just a few months ago, Jacek Sutryk was sure of winning the first round. Wrocław turned out to be less kind. The Collegium Humanum scandal only added fuel.

We will find out in less than two weeks whether Jacek Sutryk will remain in the Wrocław municipal office for another term. For now, he can call it a victory – he won 34.33%. votes – but it's a bittersweet win, to say the least.

Right behind him in the queue to the town hall is Izabela Bodnar, an MP from the Third Way. In Sunday's elections, she won 29.8 percent. votes. What's more, Sutryk can still feel the Collegium Humanum scandal on his back.

Jacek Sutryk and Collegium Humanum

In early March, Newsweek revealed how the university operated. In the text he wrote, among others: about Sutryk's numerous speeches at university events, or about the fact that the president of Wrocław himself can boast of her diploma. Sutryk even appeared on the cover of the weekly magazine.

The topic of Sutryk's connotations and his connections with Collegium Humanum entered the Wrocław – and Polish – “firsts”. The president himself had to address the issue more than once, and his polls were dropping.

Jacek Sutryk did not want to show the documents

Marcin Torz, editor-in-chief of the website and an open opponent of the current president's actions, demanded that Sutryk make public the proof of university payments. Proof that you actually obtained your degree legally.

He even declared – together with other potential donors – that if the local government official publishes the documents before the election silence, over PLN 20,000 will be donated to charity. zlotys. Sutryk didn't do it.

Contract, diploma and transfer

The entry in which the mayor of Wrocław shows the diploma, contract and proof of payment for studies appeared only on Monday. After the election results.

Sutryk writes: “I have talked about it many times in the media and I have no problem with it. This is what my private transfer looks like, from my private bank account, for my postgraduate studies. I paid for my studies out of my own pocket, and I also passed the exam.

The documents clearly show the dates and amounts. The transfer was made on April 22, 2020 and amounted to PLN 9.5 thousand. zlotys. The contract was signed on October 10, 2019, and the diploma was issued on June 2, 2020.

More questions for Jacek Sutryk

It was the dates that aroused the interest of commentators, including the previously mentioned Torz, who described the very publication of the documents after the elections as “an act of desperation by a losing politician.”
“And the documents themselves are very interesting – they show that you paid tuition fees just before you received a diploma from the suspicious university Collegium Humanum,” Torz wrote.

However, it should be remembered that there is no known deadline for Sutryk to pay the tuition fee and whether the study process was shortened in any way. The photos only show the first page of the contract. The mayor of Wrocław himself has not yet commented on the above entry.

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