Poles assessed the decision on Ukraine in a survey. Andrzej Duda’s advisor: A dangerous signal

Poles assessed the decision on Ukraine in a survey. Andrzej Duda's advisor: A dangerous signal

Poles positively assessed the US decision to send Patriot systems first to Ukraine, not our country. Andrzej Duda’s advisor Stanisław Żaryn disagreed with the results of the survey.

The US has stopped deliveries of Patriot systems to five countries, including Poland, to meet Ukraine’s needs. “The US decision to deliver ammunition to Ukraine will not affect the readiness of our units. Contracts for the Polish Armed Forces will be implemented. More ammunition in Ukraine means greater security for our entire region. Our government is implementing new contracts and modernizing the army to strengthen Poland’s defense potential and our security,” commented Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz on social media.

IBRiS checked, on behalf of “Rzeczpospolita”, what Poles think about the matter. A total of 45.5 percent of respondents assessed the decision of the American administration positively. A total of 37.5 percent of respondents had the opposite opinion. 17.1 percent of respondents had no opinion on the matter.

Andrzej Duda’s advisor criticized the lack of awareness of Poles. Stanisław Żaryn on omitting Ukraine

The results were commented on on the X platform (former Twitter) by Stanisław Żaryn, who assessed the poll as a “dangerous signal”. “Poland cannot agree to this. Without a safe and stable Poland, there is no safe Central Europe or NATO’s eastern flank. Without a safe Poland, there is no chance for help for Ukraine from the West and clear channels between Poland and Ukraine,” began Andrzej Duda’s advisor.

“Poland must develop its deterrence and defense potential regardless of Ukraine’s needs. The survey results show that Poles are not aware of this. Additionally, such a survey may encourage our allies to treat contracts for Poland less as a priority. This is dangerous for Poland and the entire NATO,” Żaryn concluded.

The survey by the Institute of Market and Social Research IBRiS commissioned by “Rzeczpospolita” was conducted from 21 to 22 June 2024 using the CATI method on a representative nationwide group of 1,067 respondents.

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