Magda Gessler talked about the paralysis of her face. “I was like a wrinkled plum”

Magda Gessler talked about the paralysis of her face.  "I was like a wrinkled plum"

The restaurateur opened up about her appearance. Magda Gessler honestly revealed whether she uses fillers.

Magda Gessler's appearance arouses great interest among many people and causes numerous comments. Fans of the restaurateur have often wondered whether the TVN star uses hair extensions, fillers and Botox. Now the 70-year-old has opened up about it in a recent interview. Get to know the details.

Magda Gessler about aesthetic medicine

Rumors that Magda Gessler uses aesthetic medicine have been circulating on the Internet for a long time. However, the restaurateur has repeatedly denied this. As she assured, among others, in an interview with “Viva!”, she did not beautify her face with expensive treatments.

– I have never abused myself and I have no problems with my appearance. It always seemed to me that he was compatible with me. But I'm most happy with my current image. I like joy and color. But I also like my cheeks, the lack of wrinkles, not using any plastic stories, because then there are bruises. And I don't have time for them, so I can't even afford a decent laser, said Magda Gessler.

Once, in response to comments about her allegedly enlarged lips, she admitted that she had suffered paralysis of the trigeminal nerve of her face. Now, in the latest interview, the restaurateur not only talked about the genesis of the disease, but also confirmed for the first time that she uses Botox.

Well, Magda Gessler will appear in the next episode of the “Autentyczni” program, which will be broadcast April 1, at 8:00 p.m. on TVN. In this format, people on the artistic spectrum have the opportunity to play the role of journalists and ask the stars various, often uncomfortable questions. The restaurateur was asked, among others: about how she suffered facial trigeminal nerve paralysis.

– I was driving and fell asleep in the air conditioning. It changed this part of my face (the right one – editor's note) so much that I was wrinkled like a plum, confessed Magda Gessler.

Later in her statement, the star referred to rumors about her appearance and the use of fillers and aesthetic medicine. – Everyone says that these are plastic surgeries, which I don't use, because I don't use any surgeries, no inserters, no acids – she continued, to which she was immediately asked about Botox.

– I use Botox. Here (the place between the eyebrows, the so-called lion's wrinkle – editor's note) not to be a serious lady – answered the restaurateur honestly.

Magda Gessler's diet

It is worth adding that Magda Gessler has recently lost a lot of weight. Due to this, “Fakt” decided to ask her about her diet. The restaurateur revealed that she never loses weight rigorously, and “orders and prohibitions do not work well” because “the most important thing is peace, trust in yourself and maintaining balance.”

– I just eat a lot of vegetables, tomatoes, baked potatoes, fish… But I think my diet is a miracle – it's intense work! I'm constantly on the run, but at the same time I try not to forget about eating regularly. Except I eat smaller portions. It's nothing new, but it works! – added Magda Gessler.

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