Sunday dismissed. Brudziński reacted and hit Tusk

Sunday dismissed.  Brudziński reacted and hit Tusk

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki dismissed Health Minister Adam Niedzielski and announced that his successor would be MP Katarzyna Sójka. Politicians from the United Right and the opposition reacted to the decision.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced on Tuesday that he had accepted the resignation of Health Minister Adam Niedzielski. At the same time, the head of the government announced that the new head of the ministry would be PiS MP Katarzyna Sójka – “a doctor, an internist who has a lot of her patients, who knows the health service from the inside out, and is also an active member of the health committee.”

Adam Niedzielski resigned

Niedzielski’s resignation is the aftermath of his reaction to TVN’s material about problems with issuing e-prescriptions. Doctor Piotr Pisula, the city hospital in Poznań, yesterday on Fakty TVN: “No patient could issue such a prescription”. We checked. The doctor issued a prescription for himself yesterday for a drug from the group of psychotropic and painkillers. These are the facts. What lies await us today,” the former health minister wrote on Twitter.

Niedzielski’s entry caused a storm. He was accused of breaking the GDPR rules and making the patient’s sensitive data public. The Supreme Medical Chamber stated that “the medical community has finally lost trust in Minister Adam Niedzielski and considers further cooperation impossible.”

Brudziński: Tusk gets angry and attacks in his mean style

“PMM dismissed Minister Niedzielski for the mistake he made by disclosing sensitive data. Tusk gets angry and attacks in his mean style. He himself stands by his ministers who have allegations of corruption (Nowak, Karpiński, Gawłowski, etc.). What prime minister, such standards,” commented Joachim Brudziński, the head of the PiS electoral staff, on the decision to dismiss the Minister of Health. At the same time, the MEP referred to the earlier recording of the PO leader.

“Do you have any things you’d like to keep to yourself?” Or would you prefer that the authorities know everything about you? Who you sleep with, what websites you browse. What are you suffering from and what medications are you taking? What information do you exchange on whatsapp or messenger. It’s already happening. Health Minister Niedzielski publicly revealed what drugs the man who stood up to him was taking – said Tusk, calling the whole case a “great scandal”.

Politicians comment

Other politicians also reacted to the decision to resign Niedzielski in social media. “Mr. Minister Niedzielski. I’ve been explaining to you for months. You won’t get anywhere with arrogance, arrogance and full party addiction. It is a pity that not earlier, because perhaps the fate of the pandemic could have been less severe,” wrote MEP Bartosz Arłukowicz from the KO.

Anna Maria Siarkowska, a former PiS MP who recently joined the Confederation, described the resignation of the Minister of Health as a “very good decision”. “Unfortunately, about two years too late,” she added, pointing out that “this is the man who is responsible for the wrong covid policy.” “However, all this would not have happened without the consent and political support of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. Morawiecki must go! Siarkowska called.

MEP Patryk Jaki from Solidarna Polska stated that “finally A. Niedzielski dismissed”. “All his silly lockdowns, COVID politics and recent stunts. Good decision!” he commented.

In turn, the vice-president of PSL and MEP Adam Jarubas assessed that “PiS begins its election campaign with a defeat – the dismissal of minister Adam Niedzielski, which he was forced to do by the medical community.” “With defeat, this time in the election, he will also end his campaign on October 15,” he added.

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