Disturbing news about Francis. Due to his health condition, he gave up speaking

Disturbing news about Francis.  Due to his health condition, he gave up speaking

Disturbing news comes from the Vatican about the Pope’s health. Due to poor health, Francis resigned from reading a speech at a meeting with European rabbis.

On Monday, Francis was to read his speech on the occasion of a meeting with a delegation of European rabbis. However, during the meeting, the Pope decided not to speak. The reason was said to be feeling unwell. During the meeting, he only addressed the rabbis to thank them for their presence. – I prefer not to read my speech, but to pass it on to you – he said.

Italian media report that Francis was visibly tired and his voice was very weak. After the meeting, the Vatican announced that the Pope was suffering from a cold.

Francis: No to terrorism

Although the Pope did not read his speech, its text was published on the website of the Vatican press office. Francis indirectly referred to the dramatic situation in the Middle East. “No to weapons and terrorism, no to war. We need compassion, justice and dialogue,” we read. He also condemned the acts of anti-Semitism that occurred after Israel’s retaliatory attacks on targets in Palestine. He also mentioned the need to build dialogue between Judaism and Christianity.

The day before, during the Angelus prayer, the pope referred to the conflict between Israel and Palestine and appealed for a ceasefire. – In the name of God, I am asking you, stop! Put down your weapons! I hope that everything will be done to prevent the conflict from escalating, he said after the prayer.

Francis appealed for the creation of conditions enabling the evacuation of the wounded from the Gaza Strip and for the provision of humanitarian aid to the Palestinians suffering as a result of Israel’s war with Hamas. The Pope also encouraged the faithful to pray for both sides of the conflict, so that they have “the courage to say enough.” He pointed out that in order to become a good teacher, one must first be a reliable witness.

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