A film about Buddha conquers Polish cinemas. “He has an interesting and difficult personal history”

A film about Buddha conquers Polish cinemas.  "He has an interesting and difficult personal history"

“Buddha. “Kid '98” is the story of Kamil Labudda, told on the big screen in an interesting way. Just a few days before the premiere, over 100,000 people bought tickets for the film. viewers.

On Thursday, March 21, 2024, the film “Budda. Kid '98”, which presents the behind-the-scenes work of influencers and how they make money from their activities on the Internet. A reporter from “Wprost” appeared at the official premiere of the production, which took place at the Multikino in Złote Tarasy. He managed to talk to the main character of the film, Kamil Labudda, and the director Krystian Kuczkowski.

Director of “Buddha. Kid '98” about the film

Director and producer of the film “Buddha. Krystian Kuczkowski was named “Kid '98”. In cooperation with Buddha, he wanted to prove to viewers that with determination and strength of character you can make your dreams come true. Interestingly, the man initially wanted to make a production about many YouTubers.

– I didn't know this world, it was completely alien to me and I thought it was such an interesting phenomenon, about which a lot was written and talked about. I thought that I could try to reach these people, penetrate their world and try to make a film about how they live, how they function, how they earn, whether these mythical, legendary millions really come so easily. (…) It was different, not everyone agreed – recalled Krystian Kuczkowski in an interview with “Wprost”.

When he met Kamil, known in the online world as Buddha, he said he was interesting and charismatic, and besides, “he does it completely differently than everyone else, he has his own philosophy, personality and attracts crowds.” What's more, he also has a “very interesting and difficult personal history.” This made Kamil Kuczkowski decide to focus on him. – But this is not a film about Kamil. This is a film about this industry, of which Kamil is the most characteristic, expressive and most charismatic representative – he added.

Buddha about the production on him

In a conversation with a Wprost reporter, one of the highest-earning Polish Internet creators admitted that this film can help young people who are starting their careers on the Internet. – This is an instruction for young people on how the industry works, and whether they will draw conclusions from it on how to operate on YouTube is an individual matter for each viewer – said Budda.

During the interview, he also honestly assessed his beginnings. – At the moment, I think that this start could have been much better. But I can't say whether I didn't win people's sympathy because those beginnings were so unprofessional, he said.

Interestingly, Kamil Labudda also revealed that this is not his last cinema project. It turned out that there was an idea for the next film, which has already started to be implemented. – Probably in a few years, although I don't want to promise that. (…) He's really going to blow everyone away because we've already started recording something. Imagine what the scale of the project must be, he said.

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