Strange change in Google Play. It will be more difficult to install applications

Strange change in Google Play.  It will be more difficult to install applications

Google announced a big change in the Google Play app store. A quite useful function that accelerated the download of new programs will soon disappear from the app. What is it about?

Google, which runs one of the most popular application stores, decided to change the application’s functions. A key element of the user interface will soon change, impacting the overall app download functionality.

Install button hidden in Google Play. Why such a change?

As Android Police journalists noticed, a few days ago Google started the first tests of the changed Google Play among a small group of users. The most visible change is the elimination of the quite useful installation button.

Currently, after searching for a given phrase, Internet users will see the names of specific applications, and on the right side of the screen they can click on the button to install a given application. It’s a quick and convenient way to find and test new programs. Applications could be downloaded with just one click.

Soon, the user will have to go a little deeper into the menu because the install button will disappear from the search lists. It will remain visible only when we enter the name of a specific application very precisely.

Google Play forces users to pay more attention

However, if we are looking for something more general in Google Play, we will have to dig into the options. From the search results, we will be able to click on an arrow that will give us broader context about the application and a few screenshots. However, we will not install it even from this menu. The user must separately enter the subpages of the given apps and click the install button.

Why such a change? It seems that Google wants to sensitize users to mistakes and potentially harmful applications. If we know exactly what we are looking for, we can still save some time. However, what if we make a mistake or are looking for a new application without a specific purpose? Then we should pay a little more attention to what we install on our cell phone.

Although it may drive some people crazy, in theory the new system will make it slightly more difficult to install applications that imitate known services with their name. Some time ago, we saw a wave of programs impersonating ChatGPT on Google Play, which used names very similar to the OpenAI chatbot.

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