YouTube has discovered a trick used by users. He canceled his subscriptions

YouTube has discovered a trick used by users.  He canceled his subscriptions

YouTube is canceling Premium subscriptions for users who purchased a VPN membership. It turns out that some of them used it contrary to its intended purpose in order to save some money.

YouTube is phasing out Premium subscribers who purchased memberships through a VPN (“virtual private network” – a service that encrypts Internet traffic and protects a user’s identity). German and international users are reporting this by posting emails received from YouTube on social media. Subscriptions purchased in this way have been canceled and if users want to continue using them, a restart of the membership is necessary.

Why is YouTube canceling subscriptions?

Virtual private networks known as VPNs have become very popular in recent years. Thanks to them – as reminds – users gained access to materials and websites not yet available in their country. Moreover, they were effective in preventing cyberattacks and increasing user privacy. However, some people used them contrary to their original purpose. Due to the fact that servers were available in many countries around the world, users were able to create accounts from other regions. And since the prices of many services may vary depending on the country of registration, they could save on purchases. For example, many German users used YouTube Premium in Ukraine, Ghana, Turkey or Pakistan and instead of EUR 13, they paid less than EUR 2 per month.

Everything indicates that the website has identified users who used this trick to watch content from their place of residence.

– We believe that you did not provide your actual country of residence when registering – we read in the e-mail, which was published, among others, on the Googlewatchblog. – If you want to remain a subscriber, you need to sign up again – but this time for the full price – added.

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