This extraordinary attraction is located only 52 km from Poland. This is the “Tuscany of the North”

This extraordinary attraction is located only 52 km from Poland.  This is the "Tuscany of the North"

There are wonderful regions that Poles do not discover often enough. Interestingly, many of these places are within easy reach. This is the case with the Uckermark in Brandenburg, the so-called Tuscany of the North. Why is it worth visiting?

“Tuscany of the North” is a name that has been assigned to one of the parts of Brandenburg for years. We are talking about a German region that is located only 52 km from the border with Poland. Why do we hear so little about him? Usually, when we think about trips abroad, we focus more on cult classics – this is shown, for example, by the latest data from the report of the Polish Chamber of Tourism, which clearly shows that we have loved Turkey for years. Regardless of the prevailing trends, it is worth keeping in mind interesting attractions located in Western Europe. You will definitely like this one.

“Tuscany of the North” touches the heart. An extraordinary attraction close to Poland

What characterizes Brandenburg is primarily its picturesque landscapes, reminiscent of Italy. Among them, you can feel like you are on a paradise vacation in a more exotic region. The German region is one of the sixteen federal states there, with an area of ​​29,654 km.2. It is located in its eastern part and borders, among others, from Poland.

The name “Tuscany of the North” did not come out of nowhere. It was assigned to a part of Germany due to the delightful and charming corners of its north-eastern part. We are talking specifically about the Uckermark, the border of which runs along the Oder.

Although Uckermark is only a district, it has a lot to offer. Its capital is the city of Prenzlau and its largest city is Schwedt. It is worth visiting because of its beautiful landscapes, clean air and low population. There you will find peace and quiet among the landscapes of the Lower Oder Valley National Park, the Schorfheide-Chorin Biosphere Reserve and the Uckermark Lake Nature Park.

It’s impossible to get bored in Uckermark. A donkey and bicycle paths await you

One of the most interesting attractions in Uckermark in Brandenburg is a donkey that helps carry luggage while sightseeing. A trip with such a companion is offered mainly to children and is suggested by local hosts. Tourists traverse hilly terrain, organic crops, barren grasslands or swampy alder patches. You can almost always spot a hare, pheasant or deer. The local bicycle trails are also a hit for travelers, allowing you to explore the surrounding area and admire lakes, rivers and forests.

The “Tuscany of the North” also includes many cities. Worth visiting, among others: the Lychen coast, where we will see traditional rafts swinging on the water, included in the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage. Lake cruises and kayaking are also possible. Flower lovers should not miss the Eberswalde Botanical Garden and animal lovers should not miss the Eberswalde Zoo.

Among the most important cities in the Uckermark are Cottbus, Frankfurt (Oder) and Potsdam. They are distinguished by their special magic and allow you to discover the most attractions. In addition to everything we mentioned, they hide an interesting history, culture and atmosphere. You can devote at least a few weekends to discovering it.

This proposal is a great idea for a trip outside the tourist season. If you are looking for places abroad that you can easily reach by car, they are definitely worth considering. This is an ideal option for Poles living in Szczecin, Świnoujście or Gorzów Wielkopolski.

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