A short Canadian adventure by Magdalena Fręch. Beatriz Haddad Maia showed her place in line

A short Canadian adventure by Magdalena Fręch.  Beatriz Haddad Maia showed her place in line

Although hardly anyone expected it, Magdalena Fręch took part in this year’s edition of WTA Montreal as a lucky loser. However, her adventure with the tournament was short-lived, because she said goodbye to it after the first clash – with the much higher ranked Beatriz Haddad Maia.

Not only Iga Świątek and Magda Linette took part in this year’s edition of WTA Montreal. Quite unexpectedly, this pleasure was also enjoyed by another Polish representative, namely Magdalena Fręch. This happened because she took advantage of a recipe known as the “lucky loser”, which means she was promoted to the main bracket from the reserve list. The 26-year-old benefited from the fact that Paula Bados withdrew from the Canadian games and jumped in her place. In the clash with Beatriz Haddad Maia, however, she had better chances not long ago and unfortunately it was confirmed.

Magdalena Fręch faced Beatriz Haddad Maia

However, it cannot be written otherwise than to state the fact that in the first set our compatriot put up real resistance in the clash with the Brazilian. Both won their first two service games, but soon there was a break in favor of the 12th rocket in the WTA ranking.

After taking the lead, she did not give up the advantage, although in the sixth, seventh, ninth and tenth game we watched a fierce fight for advantage. The latter was settled only after the fourth time, unfortunately in favor of Haddad Mai, who won the first set 6:4.

Helplessness of Magdalena Fręch

The second set was not so successful in the performance of Fręch, because she was broken already in the first game, and then her opponent followed the blow also on her own serve. When it got 3:0, the Polish woman stood against the wall and was no longer able to bounce back.

She managed to answer only in the fifth part of the set, when it became 1:4, looking from her perspective. At 1:5, the Łódź player was able to win one more game, but that was her maximum. The Brazilian representative won the second set 6:2, so in the whole match 2:0 and expelled Biało-Czerwona from the tournament in Montreal.

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