Petru: We cannot continue to subsidize electricity prices forever

Petru: We cannot continue to subsidize electricity prices forever

PiS wants the energy price freeze to be extended until the end of the year. Ryszard Petru, MP from Poland 2050, is opposed to further freezing of electricity prices.

Everything indicates that the government will not extend the energy prices frozen until the end of June. Let us remind you that the current maximum limit of annual electricity consumption, which guarantees an unchanged price, is 1.5 MWh for households, 1.8 MWh for disabled people and 2 MWh for farmers and larger families. People whose consumption falls within these limits pay bills at a rate not exceeding PLN 412 per megawatt hour of energy.

What awaits us in July? Paulina Hennig-Kloska, Minister of Climate and Environment, declared in public statements that the government will strive to ensure that the increase in energy prices for households does not exceed PLN 30 per month, which would translate into a maximum increase in the bill by PLN 180 over the next six months. For the poorest people there will be the so-called energy voucher.

Is further freezing of electricity prices necessary? Petru against

On Thursday, the president of Law and Justice, Jarosław Kaczyński, announced the submission of a bill to the Sejm regarding freezing energy prices until the end of the year. – We have already submitted nine draft bills, and today we want to present the tenth one, which concerns (…) improving the standard of living of Poles – said the PiS leader during yesterday's press conference.

Ryszard Petru, an MP from Poland 2050 and the chairman of the parliamentary economy committee, is an opponent of further freezing of energy prices.

We cannot continue to pay for electricity indefinitely. These prices have been artificially low. We have much lower prices on world markets and prices must reflect true costs – Petru said in “RMF FM's Morning Talk”. – If we have a reduction in electricity prices, people will pay for it in the form of higher taxes and higher health insurance premiums – added.

The Polish 2050 MP emphasized that he is aware that unfreezing electricity prices is a pro-inflation measure, but as he recalled, “today, inflation has dropped significantly below 2 percent.”

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