TOP 10 among vegetables and fruits. These products sell best

TOP 10 among vegetables and fruits.  These products sell best

Tomatoes, blueberries and plums are top sellers among vegetables and fruits. At the other end are tangerines, oranges and grapefruits. Sales of vegetables, potatoes, radishes, cauliflower and broccoli fell significantly. There are few buyers for bananas or watermelons. Buyers’ tastes have changed over the holidays. Customers are hungry for new products and flavors.

Summer completely changed the face of local bazaars. The season for Polish products has meant that the prices of both fruit and vegetables are lower and lower. The differences can be seen with the naked eye, from week to week we pay much less for shopping. Many products can be purchased for less than PLN 10 per kilo.

Vegetables and fruits in the bazaars. We usually buy tomatoes

Tomatoes have been the most popular vegetable in recent weeks. The most popular raspberry tomatoes can already be purchased for PLN 5-6 per kilogram. Just a few months ago, the popular vegetable was called a luxury product. At the end of the first quarter, raspberry tomatoes cost PLN 38/kg, now – depending on the bazaar – they cost six or seven times less. Other varieties of this product are also very popular, e.g. small, on a branch, pepper, kumato or egg tomatoes.

Expensiveness is no longer visible on chests with other products. One of the most willingly bought vegetables at the capital’s bazaars or greengrocers is a field cucumber at the price of PLN 5-6 per kg. – The varieties available at our stands can be used in the kitchen in many ways sellers praise. For a similar price, we can also buy long cucumbers, perfect for cucumber salad. And in March, the prices of these popular vegetables were five times higher. Other products such as yellow beans and broad beans are also very popular We hear from sellers.

Blueberry among fruits has no competition in Poland

The hit of summer fruit sales, not only at bazaars, but also in many stores, is blueberry. It can be similar in August, when the peak season for these popular fruits falls. “In the last three years, the number of blueberry consumers has doubled” experts convince. – It is a tasty, healthy, versatile fruit and goes with everything. It tastes good both for children, parents and the elderly – indicate blueberry growers.

The high demand for blueberries does not surprise experts. This fruit breaks records of popularity, in the last few years the consumption of blueberries has doubled. It looks even better in the statistics. In July, 15.5 million Poles aged 15 plus ate them. This is almost half of the adults in our country (48%).

Sellers at bazaars point out that blueberries are starting to displace blueberries. – Blueberries are just as delicious, but much cheaper than blueberries they say in unison. Forest berries cost 35 PLN/kg at the Ochocki or Mokotów bazaars. In other districts, you have to pay even half as much for a product of forest origin. Many buyers, having a choice between blueberries or blueberries, choose the latter product because of the lower price.

Many buyers decide to buy plums and cherries in the summer

Further places among the fruits were: plums, cherries, raspberries and blackberries. According to sellers, buyers are hungry for other products, they want to try new flavors. – Customers buy with their eyes. They choose fresh and colorful products. They are less and less likely to choose previously purchased vegetables or fruits – says Piotr Tyrka, the owner of a greengrocer in Warsaw’s Wilanów district. In his opinion, the colors of fruits and vegetables are of great importance to buyers.

Young apples were also among the ten most purchased products. Currently, three varieties dominate: ‘Antonówka’, ‘Piros’ and ‘Paulared’, an American variety of apple tree with spectacular, tasty fruit. Further places were occupied by: Polish strawberries (tunnel variety), cherries, Polish peaches, Polish apricots and blueberries.

Customers ask about mushroom prices. The first fruiting bodies are still too expensive

The first mushrooms are also very popular with customers. Customers ask for prices, but they quickly give up buying forest products. For many people, chanterelles, boletes or boletus are still a sign of high prices. You have to pay PLN 25 for a kilogram of boletes in wholesale, and PLN 40 at the bazaar. Boletus mushrooms are even more expensive, costing PLN 50 in bulk. – We invite you in a few weeks, when there will be an outbreak of mushrooms. Then they will be normal, i.e. much lower prices sellers encourage.

Summer has changed the customs of Poles. When the temperature outside the window is approaching thirty degrees, many people give up eating soups. – For this reason, sales of green vegetables, potatoes, radishes, cauliflower and broccoli fell significantly – says Piotr Tyrka from Zieleniak Wilanów. Pineapples and watermelons are also not sold during the holidays. Sales of grapes, bananas, tangerines, oranges and grapefruits look worse than in previous months. – The latter fruits do not find buyers at all the seller adds.

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