Reports about the eavesdropping of Daniel Obajtek. The CBA issued a statement

Change in Orlen's agenda.  Obajtek may lose his position

The CBA does not downplay the matter and treats it extremely seriously – this is how the secret services responded to the reports of eavesdropping on the president of Orlen. It is possible that the prosecutor's office will take up the case.

Onet is to have records of telephone conversations between Orlen's management board member, Adam Burak, and the company's former president. We learn from the portal's materials that the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau, during the rule of Law and Justice, was to “eavesdrop and record telephone conversations” of Daniel Obajtek.

The Central Anticorruption Bureau issued a statement on this matter. The spokesman for the secret services referred to the information contained in the latest article by editor Jacek Harłukowicz on the portal and emphasized that the CBA “does not downplay the case and treats it extremely seriously.”

The CBA is analyzing the case of wiretapping of the former president of Orlen

“The information contained in the material is currently being analyzed and verified with a view to submitting a notification to the prosecutor's office about the possibility of committing a crime,” assured Jacek Dobrzyński, press spokesman for the minister coordinator of secret services.

The Minister of State Assets said at a press conference on Friday that “Daniel Obajtek should never have been in the positions he held thanks to PiS.”

– In the near future you will receive further information, this time about how Orlen's funds were used for activities that were absolutely not related to the company's activities, and concerned the questionable activities of Daniel Obajtek – said Borys Budka and added that both the former president of Orlen, as well as other persons who “acted to the detriment of the company, spent money or led to unfavorable disposal of property, will certainly be held liable.”

Two threads were to appear in the transcripts reported by Onet: an empty LOT plane from China, rented by Orlen, as well as protective equipment that the head of the Catholic Church was supposed to receive during the coronavirus pandemic.

Obajtek comments on Onet's findings. “It would be best to do nothing”

Daniel Obajtek himself commented on the second thread on Friday. He recalled, among other things, that during the fight against COVID-19, Orlen produced disinfectant liquid, which was also sent to the Material Reserves Agency, purchased protective masks, and reduced the price of fuel to support the army, police, fire brigade and doctors. “Meanwhile, through manipulated information, attempts are being made to destroy people who worked for the good of the country. Conclusion: it would be best to do nothing,” wrote the former president of Orlen.

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