Zelensky responds to Putin's “peace offer”. “Historical Lie”

Zelensky responds to Putin's "peace offer".  "Historical Lie"

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky rejected Vladimir Putin's “peace offer”. He pointed out that there was nothing new in it and said that it was based on a “historical lie.”

On Saturday, June 15, the head of the Swiss Federal Council, Viola Amgerd, will open a two-day World Peace Summit dedicated to the discussion of the Ukrainian “peace formula”. The day before the event began, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin made a “concrete peace proposal” to Kiev. He presented the conditions – Ukraine would have to withdraw from the territory of four Ukrainian oblasts, part of which is occupied by Russia, and Kiev would have to declare that it has no plans to join NATO.

Zelensky responds to Putin before the summit in Switzerland

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky rejected this offer. In an interview with the Italian station Sky TG24, he emphasized that the so-called Putin's ultimatum regarding “peace talks” with Ukraine does not differ from his previous “proposals” and he compared them with the actions of Nazi Germany. He explained that the Kremlin leader seeks to occupy both Russian-occupied and unoccupied territories of Ukraine.

– Hitler did the same thing when he said: “Give me part of Czechoslovakia and that will be the end.” But no, this is a lie – a historical lie. Then there was Poland, and then all of Europe was occupied, he noted. – Right now we see that he (Putin – ed.) is discouraging Nazism. This is a new wave of Nazism, i.e. Russian Nazism, said the Ukrainian leader.

The Head of the US Department of Defense also emphasized that Putin can end the unprovoked war in which he lost hundreds of thousands of soldiers even today.

“We urge him to do so and withdraw his troops from Ukraine's sovereign territory,” Lloyd Austin said.

– Russia does not want peace and does not perceive the so-called peace talks as a way to achieve it, but only as a way to implement their assumptions, which are to lead to maximum victory – said in an interview with “Wprost” prof. Agnieszka Legucka from the Polish Institute of International Affairs.

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