Wałęsa was taken to hospital. “He felt very weak.”

Wałęsa was taken to hospital.  “He felt very weak.”

Lech Wałęsa was hospitalized – which he himself announced via social media on April 13. What is its current condition? The director of the former president's office comments.

“And it hit me again” – this is how the leader of “Solidarity” announced to Internet users that he was hospitalized. He attached a photo from his hospital bed to the entry. A day later – on Sunday – he added another photo – this time he was connected to the equipment.

Internet users from all over Poland wished him good health. They also asked how he was feeling – it is worth adding that the former president did not inform about the details of his visit to the hospital. However, journalists contacted us with the director of his office in Gdańsk.

How does President Wałęsa feel?

The editors of “Super Express” contacted Marek Kaczmar, who emphasized that Wałęsa is currently “under very good, professional care.” He noted that at first he “felt weak”, but now “it's fine”.

It is worth adding that Wałęsa will celebrate his 81st birthday this year, in September. Years ago, as part of routine tests, he was diagnosed with type II diabetes. Then the president was persuaded to introduce changes to the menu, which initially gave very good results.

Complication of diabetes, surgery to replace the battery in the pacemaker

Unfortunately, in August 2021, the president suffered a complication in the form of the so-called “diabetic foot”. He published a telling photo online, clearly showing that this was a big problem at that time. A little earlier, in March of the same year, he was operated on because the battery in his pacemaker had to be replaced. Shortly afterwards, however, he announced that the operation had been successful.

In an interview with se.pl, the president admitted that the procedure was associated with a feeling of uncertainty. – It turns out that of the three wires inserted into the heart, one broke, it is hanging, it is not in the heart. So this operation won't be that simple, I'm waiting to see what happens, he explained to journalists.

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