“Safe 2 percent credit”. Which bank is the cheapest?

"Safe 2 percent credit".  Which bank is the cheapest?

Rules of the “Safe Loan 2%” program in each bank are the same, but the conditions on which it is granted – not anymore. Which of the banks participating in the program charges the least?

From July 3 to July 27, 12.5 thousand applications were submitted. applications under the “Safe Credit 2 percent” program. and about 250 contracts signed. So far, eight banks have joined the government program.

“Safe 2% credit”. – how much will we pay in different banks?

Although the name of the government loan subsidy program has 2 percent, in reality its costs are higher, because there are also, among others, bank margin. Therefore, the final cost of the loan to finance the same property in individual banks will be different. Rankomat.pl experts screened the available offers in terms of their attractiveness. Their analysis shows that the APR of loans with government support ranges from 3.58 percent to 5.22 percent. It is significantly lower than in the standard offer of mortgage loans, for which this ratio is currently around 9 percent.

“The comparison of rankomat.pl shows that in mid-July, a mortgage loan with the support of a government program with the lowest APRC (…) is offered by Bank BPS. For this bank, this ratio is 3.58 percent. The highest APRC rate is at Alior Bank – 5.22%. In PKO Bank Polski, this value is 4.96%, and in Bank Pekao 4.72%.

By borrowing 290 thousand from PKO BP. PLN for 25 years, the customer will give 509.5 thousand to the bank. zloty. “In this case, the total cost of the loan will be PLN 219.6 thousand. PLN, which means an APRC of 4.96 percent.” – they wrote. However, with a standard PKO BP Własny Kąt mortgage loan – the total amount to be paid will be PLN 767.5 thousand with an APRC of 9.41 percent. They calculated that thanks to Under the Safe Credit 2% program, the savings on the total repayment of the loan over 25 years will amount to PLN 258,000,” reads the description of the analysis.

Where after “Safe 2 percent loan”?

Applications for a government-subsidized loan can be submitted to:

  1. Alior Bank,

  2. Bank BPS and Banks Spółdzielcze Zrzeszenie BPS,

  3. Pekao S.A.,

  4. Bank Spółdzielczy Rzemiosła in Krakow,

  5. PKO BP,

  6. SGB-Bank,

  7. VeloBank,

  8. Cooperative Bank in Brodnica.

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