Scandinavian style in the interior – bright and cozy. Trend map

Scandinavian style in the interior – bright and cozy.  Trend map

Scandinavian style in interiors is undoubtedly the most popular style in interior design in Poland. Why? Because it is unpretentious, practical and you don’t have to spend a fortune to make your home beautiful and cozy.

Scandinavian style – the most popular style in interior design

Every interior designer will tell you that Poles value the Scandinavian style the most in interiors (it is liked all over the world). Are you wondering why? There are several answers. First of all, Scandinavian-style interiors are in safe colors. The dominant palette is white, gray and beige. These are our favorite subdued colors. Timeless, I might add. Secondly, Scandinavian interiors are functional apartments in which practical solutions can be found at every step.

Scandinavian interior designs do not include expensive solutions or cleaning ladies. It is modest but very functional. The ironing board and the vacuum cleaner have their place in the built-in wardrobe, and the finishing materials make it easier to keep the house clean. An important argument in favor of Scandinavian interiors are the natural materials that dominate them. Natural, therefore healthy. For the inhabitants, i.e. for us and for the Planet, because they are mostly recyclable. The use of natural materials and subdued colors are considered the quintessence of the Scandinavian style.

The Scandinavian style works best in small Polish apartments

Interior designers who often design Scandinavian-style interiors emphasize that Scandinavian interiors are relatively cheap. Simple forms, natural materials, modest furniture – all this makes the Scandinavian style in interiors most often used by young people who are decorating their first apartment. Usually small. And the solutions used in Scandinavian interiors are perfect for small spaces.

Scandinavian style interiors, step by step

Scandinavian interiors are about the joy of being together. In an ideal world, families spend time together. That’s why Scandinavian interior designs feature a maximally open living area, where all household members can find their place: parents, children, pets. The kitchenette is connected to the living room so that those who prepare meals can actively participate in social life. In a Scandinavian living room there is a large sofa or corner sofa, a reading armchair, and a wooden table where you not only eat, but also do your homework. The living room is as open as possible also to let in as much daylight as possible.

In Scandinavia, daylight is at a premium. We also suffer from its deficit, especially in the autumn and winter months. To make the interior look bright, Scandinavians use light colors and light wood furniture in their homes. White walls are most common, of course accompanied by wallpaper, but we will write about this later. As we have already mentioned, Scandinavian interiors are very functional. Great importance is attached to all furniture intended for storage. Unsightly but necessary things at home (a mop, ironing board, etc.) usually have their place in a built-in wardrobe in the hall. Whenever possible, designers suggest separate rooms (even tiny ones) for a washing machine and a dryer. The living area is open, but the bedrooms are closed and allow you to relax and be alone with yourself. This is very important if we are designing a Scandinavian-style apartment.

The use of natural materials is essential

The Scandinavian style takes full advantage of the beauty of materials created by nature. Light colors dominate. We probably won’t do much here. However, we can play with the invoice. We display the pattern of natural wood (usually light: pine, ash, maple, beech, spruce, birch), we choose natural fabrics with distinct weaves for window decorations and furniture upholstery. Among slightly boring, soft fabrics in light colors, it is worth ensuring a stronger color accent. These can be, for example, equally soft pillows with geometric patterns or animal motifs. The Scandinavian style allows for stronger colors and more vivid colors, but only in accessories.

Wall color in Scandinavian style

The bright colors of Scandinavian-style interiors define the arrangement of the entire apartment, including the color of the walls. White walls are the most common, but not everyone likes them. Therefore, when looking for a color for the walls, let’s also consider white with beige or gray or light shades of pastel colors: powder pink, blue, pistachio or earthy colors, which can be found in natural materials.

The Scandinavian-style interior is very fond of wallpapers. There are several brands (Scandinavian, of course) that specialize in the production of wallpapers in the spirit of Scandinavian coziness, for example: Borastapeter Studio, or Flugger, which has a wonderful selection of wallpapers. Scandinavian-style wallpapers are not only about bright colors. They can also feature strong color accents, for example the iconic poppies on the Unikko wallpaper by Marimekko (design from 1964, Maija Isola).

Scandinavian style in interiors, living area

After what we wrote, you might think that the Scandinavian style is practical and rather moderately decorative. Nothing could be further from the truth. Scandinavian interiors are full of cozy accessories and soft fabrics. Natural wood on floors and as furniture warms up the arrangement. Kitchen furniture with wooden countertops is also not minimalism. The most important piece of furniture is a wooden table made of solid wood. There is a whole ideology associated with this wooden table: it is supposed to accommodate family and friends. This piece of furniture is intended to bring people closer together and encourage them to spend time together. And solid wood ensures durability for many years. Chairs at the table – any. They can be made of plywood or upholstered. Furniture referring to the design of classic retro and vintage designs is very popular. Investors are becoming more and more aware. Those who like the Scandinavian style usually appreciate ecological solutions.

Scandinavian style bedroom

In Scandinavian countries, the bedroom is supposed to be an oasis of peace and relaxation. It sounds like a cliché, but it’s the truth. Bedroom arrangement is not afraid of simple forms. Furniture should be, above all, comfortable and functional. Of course, they are accompanied (as in every room) with natural materials and natural accessories: clay jugs, glass vases, wicker baskets. And of course, bedding – only made of linen or cotton. Plastics in the bedroom are a cardinal sin.

Lighting in Scandinavian interiors

Because the Scandinavian style originated in northern Europe (where long winters mean there is little natural light), lighting plays an important role in it. There are many lamps in the interior and they are very diverse. Upper lighting is not the most important thing in Scandinavian interiors. Side lighting is much more important as it emits cozier light and creates a warm atmosphere. The Scandinavian countries are Protestant countries where no one hides from their neighbors. Order and abundance at home prove that we are good people and have nothing to hide (similarly in the Netherlands, sailors’ wives did not cover their windows from their neighbors for obvious reasons). The windowsill is a place where we don’t just display potted flowers. We place lamps on the windowsill (try it and you will see that the effect will be wonderful), but also trinkets, for example glass figurines. In a Scandinavian living room, a floor lamp next to an armchair (maybe a plush lamp on wooden legs) or a sofa is also mandatory.

Scandinavian interiors, design classics

Contemporary Scandinavian furniture is most often made of light, solid wood. Classics designed by the famous Danish designer Fina Juhl – on the contrary. His furniture is mainly dark wood and characteristic, colorful upholstery. Danish vintage furniture was extremely fashionable in Poland a few years ago. Who among us hasn’t dreamed of such a desk?!

Danish style, famous HYGGE

The Danish style is the famous HYGGE. This word means comfort, convenience, coziness. It is used not only in the context of interiors, but as a term for achieving internal balance, security and happiness. The idea of ​​HYGGE was born in the 19th century, it is something like French joie de vivre. In interiors, the HYGGE philosophy is natural materials and colors. When designing rooms, aspects supporting family and social life are primarily taken into account. The most important things are space and comfort. You must remember that HYGGE is much more than a coffee table with albums and burning aromatic candles.

Swedish style is the Lagom philosophy

LAGOM could be translated into Polish as as much as it takes. This is the Swedish art of living in balance, living a healthy life in harmony with nature. It is also about appreciating what is given to us, avoiding extremes, moderation. LAGOM is intended to help you achieve satisfaction without escalating your needs. It is very easy to introduce this philosophy into interiors.

Scandinavian design, the most popular brands

Scandinavian-style furniture is very different. Of course, it’s the IKEA we all know: democratic and practical, and at the same time very aesthetic. At IKEA we can buy everything – from built-in wardrobes to tableware. It is safe to say that IKEA taught Poles the rules of the Scandinavian style and convinced them that the Scandinavian style will also work well in domestic prefabricated blocks of flats. IKEA was founded in 1943, and the Danish BoConcept in 1952. Perfectly designed, very high-quality furniture is an example of universal design that does not age and does not succumb to fleeting fashions. Another Danish brand, this time with a longer history, is Republic of Fritz Hansen, whose origins date back to the 1870s. It boasts many classics of Scandinavian design designed by Arne Jacobsen, including the ANT chair from 1952 (designed for the office canteen of the pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk) and the Egg Chair and Swan armchairs (for Copenhagen’s SAS Royal Hotel), designs from 1958.

If you would like to decorate your house in a Scandinavian style, we recommend the following companies: Muuto, &Tradition, HAY, Bolia, Gubi, ferm LIVING, Carl Hansen & Son. It is also worth mentioning the Skaagarden company from Sweden, which specializes in amazing outdoor furniture, and the String brand, which produces iconic shelf systems. Glass – only from Iittala, porcelain – from Royal Copenhagen.

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