Kaczyński announced the creation of a new television station. This is what is being talked about unofficially

Kaczyński announced the creation of a new television station.  This is what is being talked about unofficially

According to unofficial findings of “Wirtualna Polska”, Jarosław Kaczyński’s idea has little chance of being implemented. So far, apparently, it has not been possible to attract investors to create a new, right-wing television.

Last Saturday, January 27, the president of Law and Justice, Jarosław Kaczyński, met with voters in Lublin. He then announced the creation of a private television with a right-wing profile.

Kaczyński: Create a large television that will be free

Kaczyński admitted that although Telewizja Republika exists, “but it does not reach everywhere.” This refers to the fact that its terrestrial coverage currently covers approximately 60 percent. area of ​​our country.

It is worth noting, however, that Telewizja Republika is breaking popularity records on the Internet. The number of her subscribers on YouTube – where you can watch her live – has already exceeded one million.

– One of the elements of Donald Tusk’s policy is the destruction of media pluralism in Poland. Poles are not supposed to know. Just like during communism. (…) We will do everything to win the fight for public television in Poland, and secondly, to create a large private television that will be free (…) There is no democracy without media pluralism – declared the PiS president.

Failure to attract investors?

According to unofficial findings of “Wirtualna Polska”, Kaczyński’s idea has no chance of being implemented. The portal’s anonymous PiS sources claim that they have not managed to attract any investor so far.

Significant amounts are involved. The party’s internal calculations show that it would be necessary to allocate as much as approximately half a billion PLN “to start”, and the maintenance costs would amount to approximately PLN 100 million per year.

– The idea has been circulating for months, but I don’t think anything new has happened in this matter – commented one of the sources of “Wirtualna Polska”.

Would it be possible to assemble the team?

Another problem is the insufficient number of journalists willing to get involved in the project. Apparently, just a few weeks ago, the party authorities were counting on support from the former president of TVP, Mateusz Matyszkowicz. However, after he did not oppose the forceful takeover of public media, his “ratings” in PiS dropped dramatically.

– Alternatively, he will come ready-made, but I don’t think he would like to devote himself to this project – added another informant of “Wirtualna Polska”.

Suski: So no information

As previously mentioned, the above reports are based solely on anonymous sources. Officially, PiS representatives do not comment on the matter and emphasize that all details must remain secret.

– In the situation Poland is in, and we have an anti-democratic government, providing any information will serve the authorities to destroy the project in the bud. So no information – commented MP Marek Suski.

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