Very strong wind at the airport. The gusts turned one of the planes around

Very strong wind at the airport.  The gusts turned one of the planes around

A dangerous situation occurred at the Buenos Aires airport. Winds were so strong in the area that one of the planes on the tarmac was turned by the extreme gusts. Everything was recorded by cameras.

In the capital of Argentina, wind gusts have reached up to 150 km/h in some areas in recent days. One of the areas that struggled with extreme weather was the Buenos Aires airport. The gusts were so strong that an Aerolineas Argentinas Boeing 737 was turned around by the wind.

Strong winds turned the plane

Violent weather phenomena in Buenos Aires caused a Boeing 737-700 parked on the tarmac to rotate and hit ground equipment, causing serious damage. An Aerolineas Argentinas flight scheduled from Buenos Aires to Mendoza was canceled due to damage to the aircraft.

This incident is not the first time extreme winds have caused damage to parked aircraft; similar incidents occurred in Brazil, France and Saudi Arabia.

Serious disruptions

According to the national meteorological service, a violent downpour occurred over the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, with wind gusts exceeding 150 km/h. It affected Buenos Aires’ Jorge Newbery Airport (AEP), located less than 2 km from the Argentine capital. A video posted on social media shows an Aerolineas Argentinas Boeing 737-700 being pushed out of its seat and spinning on the apron.

The footage published by journalist Andrews Abreu on X shows how strong winds pick up a parked Aerolineas Argentinas Boeing 737-700 and spin the plane. The vehicle then struck ground equipment, including stairs and the ground power unit, and sustained damage – the extent of damage to the aircraft is unknown.

The aircraft, registered as LV-CAD, landed at AEP after a flight from Santiago del Estero (SDE) at 18:08 local time on Saturday evening. He was then scheduled to fly to Mendoza on Sunday morning; however, the flight was canceled due to damage resulting from the incident.

A similar incident occurred at Ajaccio Airport (AJA) in the French island of Corsica in August 2022, when a violent storm damaged an Airbus A319 Volotea aircraft. Strong winds shook parked planes on the apron and sent debris, including cargo containers, flying over the ground. The most damaged was a 19-year-old Volotea A319 registered at EC-MUX, as a result of which the aircraft was taken out of service for maintenance.

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