She lived in a shop sign for a year. It accommodated, among others: computer and coffee machine

She lived in a shop sign for a year.  It accommodated, among others:  computer and coffee machine

A 34-year-old woman lived in the sign of one of the grocery stores in Michigan (USA) for a year. Although the space was small, it gathered there, among others: computer and coffee machine.

The police inform that a 34-year-old woman was found in the sign of a Family Fare store in Michigan (USA). It turned out that she had been living there for a year. It cannot be ruled out that the tenant would have lived in such unusual conditions even longer if it had not been for the workers working on the roof of the store who found an extension cord there at the end of April. The cable was later discovered to be running inside the empty gable of the store's roof, which bore its name.

When the police were informed about the discovery, the officers who arrived at the scene went to the roof to talk to the woman. It turned out that she was homeless. The 34-year-old assured that she would leave the sign and would not return to it. Due to her cooperation with the police, no charges were brought against her. The officers informed her about places where she could get help.

Life in a shop sign. Almost like home

The officers were surprised by the fact that in a small space (the dimensions of the structure are 1.5 meters by 2.5 meters), the tenant managed to collect a number of items. This includes a mini desk, a computer, and even a printer and a coffee maker. Electricity was provided by a socket on the roof and the extension cord mentioned above. To make it more pleasant, the 34-year-old put a piece of carpet in her “house”.

One of the policemen who participated in the intervention admitted that although he had been working for many years, he had never encountered a similar situation before. – Honestly, we have no idea how she got there. She didn't tell us. There was no ladder on the roof – reveals the policeman. – It is possible that the woman got to the roof by climbing elsewhere behind the store – the officers wonder.

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