The Saudis want to have their gas stations in Poland. Does this mean cheaper gasoline?

Fuel prices have gone up by 10%.  within a month

Saudi Aramco would like to launch its own network of gas stations in our country. The entry into Poland will take place through the back door, because the “key” will be the “Energy of fuels” affiliate program addressed to independent sellers. Can the emergence of a new player lead to a drop in prices among competitors?

Aramco Fuels Poland, owned by the Saudi concern, has sent an offer of the “Fuel Energy” program to independent gas stations in Poland, under which it would like to create a distribution network. Its partners would have access to cheaper fuel. To become part of the network, they will have to declare that they will only buy fuel from the Saudi company.

Will Aramco open gas stations in Poland?

Can Aramco conquer the Polish fuel sales sector? According to Dr. Jakub Bogucki, fuel market analyst at, this will be a backbreaking task and the Saudis will have to present a truly attractive offer.

– Discounts, favorable license fees – if Aramco treated it on a grand scale and offered some particularly favorable conditions – I think that its actions may be successful to some extent – said the analyst.

However, he does not expect any major changes in the domestic market of fuel distributors, where the most recognizable brand is Orlen. Every fourth station in Poland belongs to it. 18.5 percent have networks of independent operators, and 2.5 percent hypermarkets. Foreign chains own 29 percent. station.

Maybe at least the entry of a new player will force the competition to lower prices? And Jakub Bogucki has doubts. – However, I would not overestimate that it will have some revolutionary impact on the fuel market and fuel prices. We all follow the same production, supply and price patterns, said the expert.

He recalled that a large foreign fuel player had similar plans a decade ago. He hoped that he would be able to take over a large pool of stations. We ended up with about 30 stations. – Everything depends on the conditions that AFP will offer to gas stations – he emphasized.

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