Marianna Schreiber attacks Laluna again: PFRON should pay you part of your salary

Marianna Schreiber attacks Laluna again: PFRON should pay you part of your salary

Marianna Schreiber does not give up on Laluna, a former participant of “Queens of Life”. In the context of her salary, she writes about… PFRON.

There was a moment in Marianna Schreiber’s life when she criticized freak fights – two months ago she wrote to the president of Płock to boycott the Clout MMA 2 gala, and specifically the fight between “Nikita” and “Goha Magical”.

“Does the President want to promote the city through pathology? What if a woman suffers severe internal injuries? Renting a municipal hall for such an event is embarrassing the city and I call on the President to change his decision. – she appealed.

Now, however, the wife of the former Minister of Law and Justice has decided to fight in the octagon with Monika Laskowska, a presenter and friend of Laluna. Her decision caused a lot of emotions among Internet users and fans of the organization. Schreiber claims that he is not worried about the hate and does not hide that the “financial factor” played a major role in this matter.

Marianna Schreiber and Laluna’s conflict. What happened during the recording?

On Sunday, December 17, the Freak Fight federation was to carry out a Christmas program with participants who will soon fight in the octagon. On that day, an obscene recording appeared on Instagram of the PiS politician’s wife. It shows the former “Queens of Life” participant getting up from her chair and moving towards Schreiber, using vulgar terms. In the video description, the politician’s 31-year-old wife stated that Katarzyna Lirsz (her real name is Laluna – ed.) snatched her phone, spit on her and pushed her, while Monika Laskowska was supposed to “have fun” with the whole incident.

In response, Laluna stated on her Instagram that she had never met such a “false, hypocritical, attention-seeking woman” in her life. According to her version, all participants in the studio stuck together, only “Angel” was supposed to annoy the company.

Marianna Schreiber to Laluna: PFRON should pay you part of your salary

Lirsz has blocked social media accounts, but Schreiber apparently receives the information she publishes about the entire incident, because now the politician’s wife has decided to insult her rival online again.

“I know there are some ugly Stories on Laluna’s. “Laluna, I remember when you sent me messages saying that you would ‘get into my head’ and that you would ‘destroy’ me – and as you can see, I am here and doing well,” she wrote on Instagram. She also expanded her statement on the X website (formerly Twitter – ed.).

“Since I am constantly being challenged by one of the ‘Queens of Life’ – Laluna (my opponent’s girlfriend), who gave me the fight by walkover (yes, that’s the person in the fur coat from the video where she destroys my phone), I have something to say: Katarzyna , Kasia, I now know why you have such a big problem with communication. Such a huge problem with cultural expression. And when I think about it, I think that part of your salary should be paid by PFRON. Best regards,” wrote Schreiber.

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