The government is gradually developing the mObywatel application. Here is a list of upcoming changes

The government is gradually developing the mObywatel application.  Here is a list of upcoming changes

In April, the Ministry of Digitization intends to expand the mObywatel application with many new, useful functions. It will feature, among others: documents for a specific professional group.

The mObywatel service is one of the important pillars of Polish digitalization. Thanks to an easy-to-use smartphone application, Poles can use, among others: from electronic versions of the most important documents, such as an ID card or driving license, which means that there is no longer any obligation to have them with you in a traditional form.

New documents in the mObywatel application

The Ministry of Digitization announced that in April, four new types of documents relating to the health care sector will appear in the mObywatel application, which will be dedicated to a professional group of 360,000 Poles. These are the following types of documents:

  • the right to practice as a nurse

  • right to practice as a midwife

  • limited right to practice as a nurse

  • limited right to practice as a midwife

It is worth knowing that mObywatel also offers electronic versions of many other documents, including: Large Family Card, pensioner's ID, student ID, school ID, attorney's ID, legal advisor's ID, trainee attorney's ID and MP's ID.

In the future, the mObywatel application will also include, among others: Disabled Person's ID, Honorary Blood Donor's ID, passport data, as well as the ability to hang and unhang an ID card.

There will be more new features

The introduction of new types of documents are not the only improvements that will be introduced in the mObywatel application in the near future. You can find many other useful features in the changelog, such as:

  • development of ePayments

  • Your affairs: citizen application statuses

  • improvement of the application interface

  • introduction of local documents for local government units

  • introduction of the document: Law to Practice the Profession of Doctor and Dentist

  • access to the Contact Data Register

  • launching the chatbot

  • introduction of the option to change the application language

Poles eagerly use the mObywatel application

The mObywatel application has already been downloaded nearly 10 million times, the trusted profile is used by over 16 million users, and the Online Patient Account was used by over 17 million patients by June 2023. Poles willingly use electronic PIT settlements, e-prescriptions, and online sick leaves.

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