They caused millions of dollars in losses. The police, together with the FBI, broke up a gang of computer scientists

They caused millions of dollars in losses.  The police, together with the FBI, broke up a gang of computer scientists

Officers from Krakow, together with the FBI and Europol, broke up a gang of criminals who allow others to conduct illegal activities on the web. 5 people who will be responsible for organized criminal activity have been arrested.

The Central Bureau for Combating Cybercrime (CBZC) boasted of another successful operation. After months of planned action, a gang of criminals who provided the infrastructure for other online fraudsters and cybercriminals was captured.

The police broke up a group of cybercriminals – the FBI helped in the operation

The capture of the criminals is the result of activities coordinated by a special police team J-CAT with the support of Europol’s European Cybercrime Center (EC3) and the cooperation of the US FBI.

CBZC announced that as a result of the action, the police “have lifted immunity for cybercriminals”. The five people arrested were responsible for running an Internet hosting service that allowed criminals to post and share files that would have been deleted on regular websites or servers.

A black-market service called “bulletproof hosting” was supposed to be extremely tolerant of this type of activity and boasted a “100 percent privacy guarantee” and a “no login policy”. The police say that the hosting acted as a protective umbrella for criminals.

CBZC shuts down hacker hosting – it was used by scammers

Thanks to this type of service, Internet fraudsters or hackers could create e.g. fake online stores that are supposed to extract personal information from ordinary Internet users. Another example given by the police is running phishing campaigns, advertising fake investments, sending spam and even carrying out DDoS attacks or extorting ransomware attacks.

“Bulletproof hosting” was supposed to offer its services to criminals from all over the world. At the same time, they advised clients on the best way to hide their online presence, or what tools to obtain before committing a cybercrime.

The officers determine that the server rental service “Lolekhosted” associated with the group was the foundation for thousands of attacks and scams. Financial losses as a result of these activities could amount to several million dollars, and hundreds of thousands of people fell victim to them.

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