Robert Korzeniowski’s honest confession. He regrets these two things

Robert Korzeniowski's honest confession.  He regrets these two things

Robert Korzeniowski recalled his unsuccessful coaching adventure with Katarzyna Zdziebło and with the national team. The legendary walker clarified some issues and confessed that he regrets these two collaborations. “I won’t be persuaded anymore,” he announced.

Recently, there has been a lot of confusion around the legendary walker – Robert Korzeniowski, who first ended his cooperation with Katarzyna Zdziebło. Then Dawid Tomala spoke unfavorably about him, confessing that he was glad that the former athlete was no longer in the team and hoped that he would no longer be there.

Robert Korzeniowski: I regret that I was persuaded

For, among others, Robert Korzeniowski decided to comment on these topics in WP SportoweFakty. The legend of Polish athletics surprised with his confession regarding employment as a coach of the national team. – I just regret that I was talked into it. Last year, I responded to the invitation and took up a specific challenge as a coach of the national team in race walking, he said.

– I signed a contract with the players and agreed how we would work. The terms of this contract were not met by them, he added.

When asked about the conditions, the legendary walker stated that before the start of the cooperation, he told the players what the preparation period would look like and everyone was aware of what they were signing up for. – I gave up many things to be able to train with them, it was an effort for me. Now I am sure that I will never undertake a similar task again. This stage is definitely closed. I focus on other things and do my own thing, he said.

Robert Korzeniowski also regrets starting cooperation with Katarzyna Zdziebło

The ending of the cooperation with the world runner-up remained an unresolved issue. The athlete once said that Korzeniowski recommended a murderous dose of training to her that was not adapted to her health condition. Now the former athlete has decided to address all this. – As for Katarzyna Zdziebło, my only regret is that I accepted her invitation to work permanently. I simply shouldn’t have agreed to this cooperation. She concluded a contract with me on completely different terms, we prepared a plan for the entire season, she accepted it. Only later did she admit that she didn’t think it would be like this, he said.

– I don’t regret helping her before last year’s world championships in Eugene, but I shouldn’t be dragged into further work. This cooperation should end with an ad hoc consultation. I was persuaded to work as a trainer, and the only advantage is that I have renewed relationships with my fellow trainers around the world. (…) I will never be persuaded to cooperate again in my life. – finished.

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