A mysterious “person-animal” in Polish wetlands. The forest district showed a film

A mysterious "person-animal" in Polish wetlands.  The forest district showed a film

A unique material appeared on the Facebook fanpage of one of the forest districts. You can see a “person animal” on it. Find out which animal was given this name.

Polish forest districts regularly post interesting photos and recordings online, which quickly become popular among Internet users. Recently, one of such units – the Olesno Forest District – informed that an American plug had appeared in Poland. This bug, although harmless to humans, is not very pleasant to live with – it emits an unpleasant odor, and more representatives of this species have been noticed recently.

This time, a unique recording was posted online by representatives of the Dojlidy Forest District. The Białystok unit boasted about a video in which it captured a “person animal”. We haven’t seen anything like this before.

“Personal Animal” in Polish wetlands

The Dojlidy Forest District is an organizational unit of the State Forests, headquartered in Białystok. It covers Białystok and part of the Białystok district. And it was here that some time ago representatives of the institution recorded a mysterious video. Its author is Marcin Jaśkiewicz.

Placed in the forest, right next to wetlands and a river, the camera captured moose that regularly appear here. They visit this place so often that a several-episode series was created and posted on Facebook and Twitter.

“How do wetlands change throughout the year? Who visits them? See for yourself! We cordially encourage you to watch a series of short videos straight from the forest, which will be posted daily on the FB of the Dojlidy Forest District,” the media wrote.

The last video had a cryptic caption: “We found a person animal.” It shows a moose running through the water and splashing in it, behaving like a child. You can see that he has a great sense of humor and is having a lot of fun.

Internet users were delighted with the recording

The video received many views and shares. Some people also tried to comment. “Which part is the person and which part is the animal?” – asked one Internet user. In turn, another forest district observer pointed out that the video description lacked smiling faces.

What do you think about this movie? Would you like to see a moose behaving like this in real life?

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