Credit 0 percent it will not? Brakowy, one of the groups

Credit 0 percent  it will not?  Brakowy, one of the groups

There are many indications that the “0% loan” may not come into force – according to information from One of the reasons is the reluctance of one of the coalition groups.

The “0% loan” for the purchase of the first apartment is one of the “100 specifics for 100 days” announced by the Civic Coalition during the election campaign. According to the findings of, there are many indications that this loan will not be implemented. The reasons indicated by the portal include the difficult budget situation, as well as the fact that the “Safe 2% loan”, which has been in operation since July, has fueled demand on the real estate market, driving up prices and limiting the availability of premises. Disputes on this issue in the future coalition are also of great importance.

Will the left block 0% credit?

– As far as I know, ideas for a 0% loan. and rent subsidies have been abandoned because there is no consent to them at the level of the coalition agreement. What’s more, no one tried to include these promises in it – a KO politician speaking on condition of anonymity tells the portal.

The coalition agreement signed at the end of last week does not mention subsidy programs for the purchase of apartments. One of the points only mentions increasing their availability.

The “0 percent loan” is criticized primarily by the New Left. In a recent interview for Wirtualna Polska, senator Magdalena Biejat emphasized that the entire left is against this program because of what happened to housing prices as a result of the introduction of the “2 percent safe loan”.

— PO repeats the same mechanism that was introduced in previous terms, which always gave the same effect. We shouldn’t focus on the prostheses, but on solving the problem – said the New Left senator.

Other politicians from the group emphasize that there are more important matters than discussing the future of housing programs. However, they do not rule out that such a discussion will take place once it is known what our financial condition is.

Will a 2% loan also survive?

– 0% on credit. No way. Now the question should rather be whether a 2% loan. will continue – this, in turn, is the opinion of a representative of the banking sector.

The interest in the “Safe 2% loan”, which has been operating for four months, is very high (approximately 80,000 applications have been submitted and approximately 30,000 agreements have been signed) and – as notes – next year there will probably be no money to finance the loan. , because we are already using the pool of money planned for 2024.

Co-creator of the “Safe 2% loan”, Minister of Development Waldemar Buda admitted in a recent interview for TVP1 that he would support the introduction of the “0% loan”.

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