Morawiecki asked about Obajtek. “I am surprised that there is no money for oncology”

Morawiecki asked about Obajtek.  "I am surprised that there is no money for oncology"

According to Mateusz Morawiecki, the case of Daniel Obajtek and the apartment in Budapest is “the next substitute topic.” The former prime minister also referred to the absence of the former head of Orlen at the investigative committee.

Mateusz Morawiecki was asked on Radio Zet about Daniel Obajtek, who is to spend the night in Hungary or Slovakia and only visit Podkarpacie in connection with the campaign before the European Parliament elections. – This is the next substitute topic. I am surprised that there is no money for oncology, that they were supposed to allocate the money to oncology and not to TVP – said the former Prime Minister at the start.

In the context of the absence of the former president of Orlen at the investigative committee, Morawiecki said that “everyone will appear only when they can appear.” The former head of government rejected the thesis that Obajtek wants to gain immunity first. – President Obajtek is certainly not afraid of anything, because he travels around Podkarpacie. I see him at various meetings, so why don't they keep him there if they have such intentions? Because they prefer to make a nativity scene, a TV series, a soap opera – said Morawiecki.

Daniel Obajtek in an apartment in Budapest? Mateusz Morawiecki spoke

According to the former prime minister, it is “most possible that the former president of Orlen will come right after the elections.” – Why do Joński and Szczerba want to use this as an element of their election campaign? They could hang their banner there “I am running for the European Parliament”. This is what the interrogations looked like, they are not real, they turn off the button every now and then, said Morawiecki.

The former head of government called the suggestions that he could have influenced Obajtek's stay with people associated with Viktor Orban “falling for a smokescreen created by his opponents.” Morawiecki recalled that he talks to the former president of Orlen from time to time. – I look at his campaign. I talk to everyone who runs the campaign in a dynamic way. I hope he gets into the European Parliament. Of course I support him, argued Morawiecki.

Morawiecki wanted a specific question about Orlen and Obajtek. “I don't ask easy questions”

The former prime minister summed up that Obajtek “has brought Orlen to an extremely professional level in terms of profitability and profitability.” – A year ago, in the times of Daniel Obajtek, seven billion zlotys in the first quarter, now two billion zlotys. Why don't you ask me such questions – wondered the former head of government. – Because I don't ask easy questions – the host replied. – This would be a very difficult question, only difficult for Tusk – concluded Morawiecki.

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