The largest 15-minute city in Europe is being built here. Apartments sell out quickly

The largest 15-minute city in Europe is being built here.  Apartments sell out quickly

The modern city of Ellinikon is being built near Athens. To get from one point to another, you only need a quarter of an hour.

Projects of 15-minute cities, known as smart cities, are increasingly entering the European market, and ideas for this type of investments are also being created in Poland. Meanwhile, on the Greek coast, near Athens, the construction of the largest center of this category in Europe is underway. There is no shortage of people willing to buy apartments in Ellinikon, although the implementation of all stages is not expected to be completed until 2037.

Anywhere in 15 minutes

Less than half an hour's drive from Athens, Ellinikon is being built, a city of the future built on the site of a former airport. According to investors' plans, it is to be the largest 15-minute city in Europe. The assumption is simple: within it, regardless of the type of transport chosen, we will get everywhere in no longer than fifteen minutes. It turns out that this solution has many supporters. It is estimated that 20,000 people will live in the city in the next 13 years. Already, although construction completion is planned for 2037, over half of the 243 apartments on sale have been sold. “Since March last year, revenues from real estate sales have reached EUR 641 million. Most of the buyers were Greek citizens,” reports the Greek Business Daily.

Attractions in Ellinikon

The shape of the new city is to be a convenience for residents who will be able to handle all necessary matters in 15 minutes – go shopping, see a doctor or go to the office. Ellinikon can also be quite an attraction for tourists, who in the area of ​​2,500 hectares will find, among others: the Marina Tower skyscraper, a shopping center with luxury stores, as well as cafes, bars and restaurants. Ellinikon Experience Park – a modern amusement park – already operates in the future city. The Greek investment is also intended to be an example of ecological solutions. “Software to monitor services related to waste, water and energy will be installed throughout the complex,” we read.

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