Postal workers have had enough. They announced a warning strike

Postal workers have had enough.  They announced a warning strike

In the second half of April, postal workers announced preparations to conduct a two-hour warning strike on May 16. The event could be canceled, but only after the employer presented a satisfactory offer to increase wages. However, this did not happen.

“Another mediation meeting was held today as part of ongoing collective disputes. Unfortunately, the employer has no offer for us, except that we have to work even harder for a basic salary below the national minimum,” said the Trade Union of Postal Workers via Facebook.

However, postal workers do not give up and announce a warning strike. They expect several thousand people to take part.

What do Poczta Polska employees want?

As the union reminds, in the second half of April a picket was held in front of the Ministry of State Assets in Warsaw. – It was supposed to draw attention to the problems of Poczta Polska and consolidate employees so that they do not fall into despair, but take up a just fight for their rights – said Bogumił Nowicki, who is the chairman of OM NSZZ “S” in PP, quoted by

Trade unions have been fighting for several weeks over a few issues – the first of them is jobs (PP is preparing layoffs – this could mean up to 4-10 thousand people). Another is, as “Rzeczpospolita” points out, salaries, which in PP are low – 80 percent. employees earn only the “lowest national wage” (from January it is PLN 4,242 gross).

Employees want PP to become a power again

During the protest in front of MAP, as reported by the daily, postal workers also chanted slogans suggesting that they wanted to rebuild the strong position of PP. Because if not Polish, then maybe German or French – they wondered.

It is worth recalling that on Friday, farmers will take part in the protest and “blockade” the capital of Poland again. They will start at noon from Castle Square in Warsaw and finish in front of the Sejm building at ul. Rural. The protests will end two hours before midnight, and over 200,000 people are expected to take part in them. people. The Independent Self-Governing Trade Union “Solidarity” – together with the Independent Farmers' Trade Union “Solidarity” – loudly announced a Friday demonstration in the second half of April.

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