Dubai, St. Petersburg, Versace. Olechowski spoke out about the controversial photos

Dubai, St. Petersburg, Versace.  Olechowski spoke out about the controversial photos

The former head of TAI, Jarosław Olechowski, commented on the sudden publication of over 40 photos on his private Instagram account. He claims that someone played a joke on him.

Over the weekend, the creation of a private Instagram account by the former head of the Television Information Agency caused a stir on the Internet. Almost at one go, Jarosław Olechowski (assuming that he published the photos himself) posted over 40 photos there – mainly from foreign trips with his wife. Olechowski posed, among others, in Dubai, in Venice, on luxury yachts and in expensive restaurants. The photos also draw attention to the ostentatious presentation of expensive clothes and shoes as well as the logos of luxury brands, including: Ralph Lauren and Versace.

Olechowski in St. Petersburg? There is a comment

Internet users and journalists immediately picked up on this sudden appearance of the media face of the “good change” on Instagram, primarily because a significant part of the trips could have been financed from the salaries paid to Olechowski as the director of TAI (their amount was recently drawn to the attention of the Supreme Audit Office’s report).

Their attention was drawn to, among others, a photo from St. Petersburg that caused considerable controversy due to the ongoing war in Ukraine. The former head of TAI mainly referred to this photo.

“I see that even with archival holiday photos with your wife you can make an unwanted career on the Internet. The stupid joke they played on me caused a stir. Especially among pseudo-journalists who suggest that the photo from Euro 2020 was taken after Russia’s criminal invasion of Ukraine,” he wrote on the X website.

Earlier, journalists expressed doubts whether Olechowski actually published the photos himself.

“I don’t believe that Jarosław Olechowski posted a photo from his trip to Russia yesterday. This must be an account hack. Former head of TVP News on vacation in Putin’s city? I don’t want to believe it. After all, Reset, Cenckiewicz, Rachoń… – wrote investigative journalist Szymon Jadczak.

Journalist Jakub Korus also said that someone could have “done a favor” for Olechowski.

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