Several dozen migrants were detained in Wisła. They were crammed into the bus

Several dozen migrants were detained in Wisła.  They were crammed into the bus

The police issued a statement describing the course of the recent intervention against migrants. Some of them were in the cargo area of ​​the bus, and the driver tried to escape from the scene.

Police officers from Wisła, during joint operations with Border Guard officers, detained 31 foreigners who illegally entered the territory of Poland. The police first detained seven men who were walking on foot in the area of ​​Jaworzynka near the Polish-Slovak border.

“They all only had Slovak documents entitling them to temporary stay in Slovakia. These people were handed over to the Border Guard,” we read in a statement published on the website of the Silesian Police.

Several dozen migrants were detained. They were crammed into the bus

Less than two hours later, police officers from the Wisła police station detained another group of illegal migrants in the city. When the driver of a car with Polish registration numbers saw the police car, he drove into the gas station, got out of the vehicle and tried to escape. He was detained by policemen. It soon turned out that there were 24 foreigners in the car, in the cargo area of ​​the bus.

According to the police, the foreigners’ destination was Germany. Due to the fact that all of them were staying on Polish territory without the required documents, they were detained, and further actions in the case are being carried out by officers from the Silesian Border Guard Unit.

Temporary controls on the border with Slovakia

A few days ago, the head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration announced that the government had decided to resume temporary control on the border with Slovakia. – Pursuant to the Schengen Code, in an emergency situation, an EU country may introduce temporary control. We are introducing it, in accordance with the procedure, for a period of 10 days, but it is highly probable that it will be extended – said Mariusz Kamiński.

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