Popeyes will open in Warsaw. We know the date

Popeyes will open in Warsaw.  We know the date

The first Warsaw location of the American fast food chain that recently entered Poland will open in September. This will be the third restaurant under the Popeyes brand operating in Poland.

The opening of Popeyes Warsaw is scheduled for September 21. The restaurant will operate in the Złote Tarasy shopping center. “The Warsaw culinary scene is one of the richest and most interesting in Poland. No other city in the country has such a varied offer,” comments Jakub Aleksandrowicz, marketing director of Popeyes, in an interview with dlahandlu.pl.

Popeyes in Poland

On July 7, the American chain Popeyes opened its first location in Poland. The choice was Wrocław, the restaurant operates in Pasaż Grunwaldzki. Szczecin was chosen as the next location. The restaurant will open on July 28 in the Galaxy Shopping and Entertainment Center.

Ultimately, the chain plans to expand also in the Czech Republic – in Prague, Brno and the nearby areas of the capital. If interest in Louisiana chicken grows, the chain will certainly not stop at three locations in Poland, but will expand its operations to other cities. The plans concern places such as: Łódź, Kraków, Poznań, Tricity and the Silesian agglomeration.

Prices at Popeyes

Until recently, all we knew about Popeyes was that it specialized in crispy spicy chicken and fries. From the description of the restaurant it could be concluded that it would compete mainly with KFC. Popeyes offers sandwiches, wraps, drinks, shakes, onion rings, fries and much more.

The sandwiches include Chicken Sandwich in mild and spicy versions – alone it costs PLN 18.95, and in a set it costs PLN 26.95, a slightly more expensive option is Coleslaw Chicken Sandwitch – PLN 22.95 without a set or Chicken Sandwich Deluxe – for PLN 24.95 . For the set version, you have to pay an additional PLN 8 each time.

Customers can also choose a classic Chicken Wrap for PLN 18.95 or filet nuggets, the price of which starts from PLN 15.95. Another option is Chicken Tenders for PLN 16.95, Sinature Chicken – PLN 16.95, Luisiana Wings for PLN 14.95 or Classic Wings – from PLN 16.45. In addition, we have not forgotten about sets for children – Nola Box – PLN 29.95, Variety Box – PLN 69.95 and Poppy kids Meal for PLN 15.95. Each of them consists of different quantities and types of chickens.

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