GTA 6 announced this week? We have new information

GTA 6 announced this week?  We have new information

GTA 6 is setting the internet on fire again. According to new leaks, the announcement of the next title in the Grand Theft Auto series may take place this week, and soon we will see a trailer of the production.

Rockstar Games seems to be preparing for the long-awaited announcement of Grand Theft Auto 6. The new game in the series is to be shown in just a few days, as confirmed by a renowned gaming journalist.

GTA 6 announcement this week – what about the trailer?

The latest news comes from Jason Schreier, who has been providing pre-release information about upcoming titles for many years. In his report for Bloomberg, he confirmed that the Rockstar Games team plans to officially announce Grand Theft Auto 6 soon. The big event could take place this week.

These reports were confirmed by a pair of anonymous sources with knowledge of the company’s internal plans. The announcement itself is scheduled to take place in November. The first trailer of the production, extremely awaited by the community, would appear in December and celebrate the 25th anniversary of Rockstar.

Take-Two, the publisher of Rockstar’s games, will announce its financial results on Wednesday. Although it is difficult to be certain, this would be a good moment to announce the game among shareholders. At the same time, players were disappointed several times when subsequent alleged presentation dates passed without the slightest information from the creators of the production.

What will we see in the GTA 6 trailer? Here is the alleged content of the video

As we wrote in, at the end of October, two informants – FollowTheDamnLeakCJ and calvins48 – provided very similar reports about the probable content of the GTA 6 trailer. Interestingly, the information was allegedly provided to the first of them by… his wife working at Rockstar Games. Internet users listed individual scenes from the trailer that Rockstar is to show.

In the GTA 6 video itself, we are supposed to see many unconnected scenes. The material will start with a shot of water, sounds of nature and an alligator. Next we are supposed to hear the song “Thats’s All” by Genesis. Then, night shots of Vice City, a scene in a nightclub, a shot by the pool and finally the game’s characters will be visible. Jason and Lucia are supposed to lie in the convertible. Subsequently, we will see even a dozen or so very quick reprints. The finale is set to end with a very short dialogue between the characters, including Jason asking “what is Lucia willing to lose?”

However, people providing information about the trailer also claimed that the presentation of the game and trailer would take place on October 26. This, as we know, simply did not happen.

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