Polish industry is switching to renewable energy. “It’s ours to be or not to be”

PLN 7.8 billion for green investments.  The Minister of Climate presented plans by the end of 2020

Although an increasing number of companies in Poland are switching to energy from renewable sources, they have to face numerous challenges. Access to renewable energy sources on the Polish market is still limited and the price of green energy is higher. However, in the long run, switching to renewable energy is profitable – both for environmental and financial reasons, because the company gains a guarantee of constant supplies of green energy at a specific price. Wedel has decided to take such a step and has been using 100% of its capacity since March. from wind energy supplied by TAURON.

– Enterprises must consider how to switch to renewable energy as quickly as possible due to climate change. In Poland, we have limited access to this type of energy, so this is the first big challenge. The second is finances, because renewable energy is currently more expensive than conventional energy. In turn, the environmental threats we all face leave no doubt. We should no longer consider it a challenge, but in the category of “to be or not to be” – emphasizes Maciej Herman, managing director of LOTTE Wedel, in an interview with the Newseria Biznes agency.

Industry is switching to renewable energy

Climate change and a sense of social and environmental responsibility mean that more and more companies want to have an influence on the sources of energy they use. That is why many companies have recently undertaken to increase the share of renewable energy. These include, among others: PepsiCo, CanPack, 3M, Browary KP, McDonald’s, and even automotive companies – BMW Group, General Motors and Mercedes – are switching to renewable sources. Now LOTTE Wedel has also joined them – the legendary chocolate company is switching to 100% energy. from the wind.

– The greenhouse effect is caused by the production of energy from conventional sources. By deciding to use renewable energy, we want to contribute to minimizing climate change, says Maciej Herman. – I must admit that there are no financial benefits here – on the contrary, this energy is currently still more expensive in Poland than conventional energy. However, we cannot apply only the financial perspective here, but also general social criteria, which are the most important in this case – emphasizes Maciej Herman.

However, in the long term, switching to renewable energy is profitable for companies. Not only because of the environmental and image benefits, but also financial ones. The price of energy – especially for manufacturing companies – is a key element of operations and the main cost. Its increase of even a few percent is strongly felt. In the context of the current turbulence on the energy market, rising electricity prices and CO2 emission allowances, the company gains a guarantee of constant supplies of green energy at a specific price.

Wedel, under the contract just concluded, will use green energy provided by TAURON Głos as part of the EKO Premium offer for the next three years. By the end of 2022, the company will supply 51 GWh of energy from renewable sources to Wedel’s Warsaw headquarters, which will guarantee continuity of production.

The EKO Premium offer has been very popular with TAURON’s business customers since 2010 – i.e. since it was included in the portfolio.

– Every year our demand increases, last year we sold almost all production from our own renewable sources to end customers. This year we expect to double that amount. This only confirms the validity and necessity of TAURON’s Green Turn, says Tomasz Lender, vice-president of the management board of TAURON Sales for sales on the business market.

As part of EKO Premium, the company offers certified energy that comes exclusively from renewable energy sources – primarily from hydroelectric power plants and wind farms of the TAURON Group.

– We give full freedom in choosing the energy source and its location. Each customer can independently decide where the energy they consume comes from, says Tomasz Lender.

– TAURON Group offered us a very attractive, ecological product that gives us confidence that the energy we use in our factory will be 100 percent come from renewable sources – emphasizes Maciej Herman.

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