An unusual phenomenon in a Polish park. Icy hair appeared

An unusual phenomenon in a Polish park.  Icy hair appeared

Just over a month ago, ice hairs were observed in the Białowieża Forest, and in early January a similar phenomenon appeared in the Wigry National Park. We are talking about an ice formation that was first described at the beginning of the last century.

Photos of ice hair, also called a “witch’s wig”, appeared on the Facebook profile of the Wigry National Park. The unusual phenomenon was observed at the beginning of January and aroused great interest among Internet users. As it turns out, the ice formation was spotted in various places, and users started sharing their photos.

Ice hair – how are they created and what do they look like?

Ice hairs were first described in 1918, but scientists discovered the secret of their formation only a few years ago. “Ice that looks like hair is formed by fungi found in rotting wood and dying plant parts, with high air humidity and temperatures below zero,” the State Forests explained in November, when a similar phenomenon was observed in the Krynoczka forestry in the Białowieża Forest.

According to the State Forests, ice appears after Exidiopsis effusa fungi slow down the crystallization process. “The presence of roselle causes the water to be gently pushed out, forming very thin, elongated ice crystals. Unfortunately, when touched, the ice melts quickly. – added.

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