A successful comeback of a game from 20 years ago. Mario vs. review DonkeyKong

A successful comeback of a game from 20 years ago.  Mario vs. review  DonkeyKong

How does the remastered version of the GameBoy Advance game fare in 2024? Read about it in our Mario vs. review. Donkey Kong for Nintendo Switch.

The next Mario game is something fans of the mustachioed plumber are always looking forward to. Although this time it is not a completely new game, because Mario vs. Donkey Kong was previously released on the old GameBoy Advance, but the updated graphics in the remake make a very good impression – it is charming and colorful, exactly as it should be in the case of this type of Switch games.

As part of the remake of Mario vs. Donkey Kong Nintendo has also prepared something completely new; something we didn't have the opportunity to experience in the original. These are beautiful cutscenes that introduce us to the plot events in the game. And even though we are dealing here with a plot typical of games with Mario in the main role (it is only an excuse to have fun), these beautiful cutscenes are still very nice to look at. Children should be delighted!

And how do you play it? Mario vs. Donkey Kong is a classic platformer in which we complete short stages divided into worlds. In each of these worlds, there are six missions in which we first have to find a hidden key and then recover a small figurine. Once we have the complete set, all we have to do is face Donkey Kong.

The initial stages are very easy, even too easy, but it quickly turns out that later missions are a bit more demanding. The difficulty level is in Mario vs. Donkey Kong is very well balanced, so both younger and older players will enjoy the game. With the former in mind, a special game mode has been prepared, in which completing the entire game should not pose any major difficulties. Old-timers will find a challenge when they try to complete this game 100%. I warn you – it won't be easy.

What is most important, however, is that the gameplay assumptions prepared 20 years ago absolutely work in the case of Mario vs. Donkey Kong has not become outdated, which is why a game with such a long history can still be enjoyed today. Mario lovers can enjoy a multitude of different locations, many interesting missions and two new worlds (compared to the original).

All in all, the playthrough of Mario vs. Donkey Kong took me about 12 hours, but learning the plot is only the beginning of the fun. Completing the game 100%. and completing all levels on the highest difficulty level should easily take several times longer.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong is a solid game for just about anyone. It will appeal to both beginner players looking for relaxation and the biggest Mario fans looking for another challenge with their favorite hero in the main role. Beautiful “Mario-style” graphics and cheerful sound only add to its charm.

RATING: 4+/6

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