Śląsk Wrocław buried ŁKS in the Ekstraklasa. Crazy match in Łódź

Śląsk Wrocław buried ŁKS in the Ekstraklasa.  Crazy match in Łódź

Śląsk Wrocław added its 15th victory in the PKO BP Ekstraklasa season. The team from Wrocław defeated ŁKS 2:1, and the team from Łódź was relegated from the league. WKS became the runner-up.

Before the match between ŁKS and Śląsk Wrocław, it was known that the hosts had only a mathematical chance of staying in the PKO BP Ekstraklasa. However, the visitors had a good chance to be in second place in the table again. The defeats of Górnik Zabrze 0:5 against Cracovia and Lech Poznań 1:2 against Ruch Chorzów opened the door to a return to the league podium for coach Jacek Magiera's team.

Refereeing controversies in the match ŁKS – Śląsk Wrocław

However, the realities of the Ekstraklasa have already made us accustomed to the fact that the position in the league table means little in the context of competing for points. This was also the case in Łódź, although the main judge, Karol Arys, also added to the level of emotions. The referee disallowed a goal by Nahuel Leiva in the first half, and in the second half he awarded a penalty kick to the hosts, although it seemed that Simon Petrov's hand was shot from close range rather than an actual offense. In both cases, referee Arys consulted the VAR car and also watched the replays on the pitchside screen.

The Wrocław team scored a disallowed goal in the 39th minute. Erik Exposito was launched and went on a counterattack for almost the entire half. He controlled the ball in the penalty area, passed it to the rushing Leiva, and he placed his foot perfectly. Earlier, however, Łukasz Bejger hit Kamil Dankowski – ŁKS defender – in the foot. It must be admitted, however, that both men had their legs raised high in this particular situation and the home team's player could have just as easily played with an overlay.

The score was 0-0 until the break, and the second half started with a goal for ŁKS. Michał Mokrzycki deceived the above-mentioned Petrov, and passing him on the left side of the penalty area, the ball hit the Bulgarian's hand. Dani Ramirez, the captain of ŁKS, probably used the eleven. It was the 53rd minute of the match.

The runner-up of PKO BP Ekstraklasa woke up after the loss

After losing the goal, the Wrocław team decided… to start dominating. This situation was a bit surprising, because WKS showed great potential, but only when it was in a typical condition.

Coach Magiera also made key changes. Jakub Jezierski, a young talent from Wrocław, son of a Canal+ commentator and a former football player, appeared on the pitch. Silesia, Remigiusz. Piotr Samiec-Talar also appeared on the pitch.

However, Yegor Matsenko gave the signal. The Ukrainian scored a goal with a header in the 71st minute, after a well-taken corner kick by Petr Schwarz. Five minutes later it was 2-1 for the visitors.

This time, the reserve duo, Samiec-Talar and Jezierski, acted. The former finished the action with a technical shot from close range, and the latter very consciously headed the ball to his colleague. It must also be admitted that ŁKS, to put it mildly, did not press defensively and was completely lost in this part of the match.

Adding to the drama was a second yellow card for Matsenko in the 82nd minute. Coach Magiera was forced to remove Samc-Talar, he added Martin Konczkowski, and in the end the result of the match did not change. Although it is worth noting that in the added time of the match, Dankowski still had the match ball to tie the score, but his shot was well saved by the visiting goalkeeper, Rafał Leszczyński, who was solid that day. Leiva could have also made it 3-1, but Aleksander Bobek made a very good save for the hosts.

ŁKS? On May 4, 2024, he officially lost his chance to stay in the PKO BP Ekstraklasa. However, Śląsk Wrocław returned to second place, behind Jagiellonia Białystok.

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