Confusion over the zloty exchange rate. Google responds and the former minister scores

Confusion over the zloty exchange rate.  Google responds and the former minister scores

This is Google’s response to accusations of manipulating the zloty exchange rate. The giant commented on the matter, but Janusz Cieszyński’s comment also draws attention.

The echoes of the confusion surrounding the zloty exchange rate that broke out on January 1 have not faded away. Due to a technical error, the rates of the dollar, euro, pound and Swiss franc suddenly skyrocketed. As it quickly turned out, it was about problems with the zloty exchange rate data displayed in the Google search engine.

The Ministry of Finance responds, Google responds

The Ministry of Finance and Minister Andrzej Domański personally joined the case. The ministry demanded explanations from Google, and the company provided them. As we read in the response that the company sent to TVN24, it concerns problems with downloading data from external sources.

“Search features, such as displaying currency exchange rates, rely on data from external sources. If inaccuracies are reported, we contact data providers to correct the errors as quickly as possible. – we read in Google’s position.

Cieszyński comments

Former Minister of Digital Affairs Janusz Cieszyński also referred to the issue of exchange rate confusion in an entry on the X website. In his opinion, the problem is much deeper than one-off incorrect readings of exchange rates.

Brussels, negotiating over the heads of member states, accepts a situation in which local branches of large corporations have no real opportunities to act. Attempts to influence platforms from the national level have always been responded to in the same way – we have to ask the headquarters. This multi-layered method of managing services used by almost everyone (Google Search has approximately 30 million monthly users in Poland) had to backfire. When mObywatel or e-prescription did not work, from identifying the error to deciding on the course of action and communication, decisions were made within minutes, not hours, which, as I guess, were consumed in consultations between time zones. – wrote the former minister.

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