The price of these tests will soon increase significantly, and they are mandatory for some people. Who will lose from the changes?

The price of these tests will soon increase significantly, and they are mandatory for some people.  Who will lose from the changes?

Psychological tests must be performed by professional drivers. 10 years after the rate was set, their price is now expected to increase significantly. Check how much more expensive it will be soon.

To obtain the right to drive certain vehicles, you must undergo psychological tests. This is also necessary for people who want to renew the validity of this document. This also applies to professional drivers. Such psychotests are therefore one of the conditions for obtaining specific categories of driving license and extending or restoring licenses. They are very important because they assess whether a person can drive a car (or other vehicle) – this is to ensure road safety. However, such a visit to a psychologist will soon be more expensive than before.

The price of psychological examination for drivers will increase

The Ministry of Health plans to update the rate for performing a psychological examination for drivers. This change results from the draft amendment to the regulation of the Minister of Health on psychological examinations of persons applying for driving licenses, drivers and persons performing work as drivers (it has already been submitted for consultation). Currently, the price for such a test is PLN 150. However, she will soon increase to PLN 200.

The rate currently in force has not changed for 10 years (it has been constant since 2014). The justification for the project included a provision explaining its increase. We can read that the proposed price for the tests “is consistent with the actual cost of conducting them, it takes into account both the time of carrying out these tests, as well as depreciation of equipment (devices) and the costs of maintaining the premises, which was confirmed in letters from the entities performing them.” However, before the regulation comes into force, the current price for the test is still valid.

What do such psychological tests look like?

Such tests must be performed by professional drivers, but also by examiners and driving instructors. They must also be done by persons applying for the restoration of driving privileges after losing a driving license in categories AM, A1, A2, A, B1, B, B+E and those applying for a driving license in categories C1, C1+E, C. , C+E, D1, D1+E, D, D+E.

They assess drivers' ability to drive safely. Such a psychological examination consists of a medical interview, an assessment of the person's intellectual capacity and psychomotor skills. Using special questionnaires to assess the driver's condition, the doctor assesses, among other things, his memory, attention and perceptiveness. Such a person must demonstrate logical thinking and the ability to properly focus on the task.

In turn, using equipment tests, the doctor checks the patient's reaction time and speed, resistance to fatigue, and eye-hand coordination. Such psychological tests are one of the formal requirements to work as a professional driver. Also check what medical examinations for driving licenses involve for people applying for a driving license under standard conditions. It is also important to know what diseases exclude you from applying for a driving license.

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