Podcasts are not the domain of big cities. “But it will be a while before we hear them in the taxi.”

Podcasts are not the domain of big cities.  “But it will be a while before we hear them in the taxi.”

As much as 67 percent Internet users living in cities up to 20 thousand inhabitants listen to podcasts – according to a study conducted as part of the Ariadna National Research Panel for the “Wprost” report. This is a higher percentage than among Internet users living in large cities. – The market is developing very dynamically, although we are certainly not at the peak phase of this development yet – points out Krzysiek Rzyman from Studio PLAC in Warsaw.

According to a study conducted as part of the Ariadna Nationwide Research Panel for the “Wprost” report, 85 percent of all Internet users have encountered the concept of a podcast, and 29 percent listens to a podcast at least once a week.

Podcasts in Poland are listened to in both villages and metropolises

According to a study for the “Wprost” report on podcasts, it turned out that 62% of the surveyed Internet users listen to podcasts. women and exactly the same percentage men.

When it comes to podcast listening in particular age groups, 64% of people aged 18-24 listen to podcasts. subjects. The largest number of listeners is in the 25-34 age group, as the percentage there reaches 73%. surveyed Internet users. The older people are, the fewer people listening to podcasts, according to the study. Thus, in the group of 35-44 years old it is 63%, in the group of 45-54 years old 59%, and in the group of 55 years or more 57%.

When it comes to education, in the group of surveyed Internet users with primary, secondary or vocational education, less than half, i.e. 47%, listen to podcasts. respondents. Among people with secondary or post-secondary education, 60 percent and with a bachelor’s or master’s degree, 68 percent.

When it comes to place of residence, of the surveyed Internet users living in rural areas, 59% listen to podcasts. The largest percentage of podcast listeners is among surveyed Internet users living in cities with a population of up to 20,000. inhabitants. In cities with a population of 20 – 100 thousand inhabitants it is 62 percent respondents, in cities with 100,000 – 500,000 inhabitants. 66%, and in metropolises larger than 500,000. inhabitants 63 percent

The study was conducted in the Ariadna panel on a nationwide random quota sample of Internet users numbering N = 1,089 people between April 1-3, 2023 (using the CAWI method). The amounts were selected according to the representation in the population of Internet users for gender, age and size of the place of residence.

“This format is still in its growth phase”

The fact that a podcast, contrary to popular belief, is not a format reserved for residents of big cities, is commented in the report by Marcin Łukasik and Krzysiek Rzyman, founders of the Warsaw podcast Studio PLAC. Can we already talk about the maturity of this format?

– We are well on our way to this state of affairs, but it will take some time before I hear someone’s podcast in the taxi instead of the radio – says Krzysiek Rzyman.

Marcin Łukasik points out that technology certainly helps in the process of podcasts maturing. – But for now, this format is still in the growth phase and will probably face many changes before it matures – he emphasizes. – What gives podcasts a certain advantage and fuels this maturation process is that they can cover absolutely any topic, even the most niche one. National radio stations, for example, cannot afford something similar. There are more such advantages, and the development of technology supporting podcasts allows us to think that the format will reach this maturity in the coming years, he concludes.

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