Hackers from Russia attack Poland. Targeted by the WSE, banks and Profil Zaufany

Hackers from Russia attack Poland.  Targeted by the WSE, banks and Profil Zaufany

The Russian hacker group NoName057(16) attacked Polish infrastructure again. The criminals targeted many Polish banks, the Stock Exchange, and the Trusted Profile system.

Russian cybercriminals do not give up and are still trying to make life difficult for Poles. This time, as a result of their actions, customers of numerous banks had to struggle with difficulties. However, the operation was also intended to affect the broader financial sector, as well as important Polish infrastructure.

NoName Russian Hackers Attack Banks, GWP and More

The latest activities of hackers were summarized by cybersecurity specialists from Check Point. The DDoS attacks on Monday were said to be quite wide-ranging and affected the official websites of Polish banks – PKO, Raiffeisen, Plus Bank, BNP Paribas, Bank Spółdzielczy in Brodnica, Credit Agricole Polska and Santander Bank Polska.

It is worth recalling that DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks do not involve taking over data from servers, but prevent websites from functioning by “clogging” them with a huge number of requests for access to content. This type of actions have become the signature of the NoName group. Fortunately, customers do not have to worry about losing money or passwords.

On the official Telegram account, the Russians also boast about the action against the websites of the Warsaw Stock Exchange and the Bond Spot company (interestingly, they wrongly identified the latter as the official website of the Warsaw Stock Exchange).

Trusted profile attacked by hackers

Check Point also points out that DDoS was also supposed to affect the Trusted Profile system. Further posts by NoName representatives on social media ambiguously suggested that Poles should be afraid because the identity confirmation service is “uncertain”.

NoName057(16) claims that it carried out the attacks because of the “Russophobic sentiments of the Polish authorities.” Interestingly, the theses even included a reference to… the adoption of an amendment to the Polish budget. Apparently, Russian criminals do not like the amounts.

The head of Check Point Software in Poland, Wojciech Głażewski, argues that the main goal of this type of action is to scare Poles, because we are a country actively helping Ukraine. The second task of the NoName group is to spread disinformation.

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